SAL Update – DWXS1 #4 & Finish

Last time-

To those who demanded the Doctor’s head, I can oblige –

Apart from that, you’ll notice I put in some background stitches as well. You really didn’t expect me to bore you with the umpteenth update on the background progress, did you? 😀

As I mentioned last time, I had a little floss conversion issue. The replacement for DMC 3747 should have been Anchor 120 and not 1020. In addition, the replacements for DMC 157 and 159 also were Anchor 120, according to my table. Time for a little improvisation.

I had DMC 3747 in my stash, so I used it. For DMC 159 I used ANC 120 as suggested. Then I replaced DMC 157 with ANC 1031. All of them were background stitches, so it wasn’t crucial to use the exact colour.

And I made another adjustment for DMC 793/ANC 177 and DMC 3838/ANC 176 – I swapped them. It made more sense colourwise to have the darker blue floss moved to the border of the design.

The third Doctor Who cross stitch project finished this year and only two more left – not too bad, methinks. 🙂

And last but not least, please welcome our new member Sue at From the Magpie’s Nest. All the links to the other SAL participants are in the left sidebar as usual. (Edit: not, as I’m no longer I’m participatiing). We are scattered around the world in different time zones so not all the postings show up at the same time. Anyway, their sites are always worth visiting as they all have interesting projects on the go. (Apologies – I forgot to mention this last time.)


SAL Update – DWXS1 #3

Last time –

This time –

Lots of single stitches in different colours made progress a little slower than planned. 🙂

The pattern uses DMC colours which I converted to Anchor threads using a conversion table by Purple Kitty Yarns. A little surprise was waiting for me. According to the table, the matching colour for DMC 3747 was ANC 1020. Maybe not quite the match you would expect. 😉

Luckily, I had some DMC 3747 left in my stash from my previous DW project.

There’s another little colour conversion challenge coming up. I’ll tell you about that next time.

SAL Update – DWXS1 #2

I’ve tried basting a piece of fabric to one side of the project – it makes stitching a lot easier. Thanks for the suggestion!

This is where I was last time –

And this is where I’m now –

As always, you’ll find the links to the other SAL participants (Edit: no longer) in the left sidebar. Not everyone is posting every time and we are in different time zones. Anyway, their sites are always worth visiting as they all have interesting projects on the go.

I’m The Doctor

As I mentioned in my last entry, I have completed DWXS5. 🙂 I love this one for its photorealistic touch, it’s my favorite so far.

A design by Stitcherydoo, stitched on 16 ct white Aida with a stitch count of 158 x 165 using DMC threads.

Introducing DWXS3

Now that my cross stitch project DWXS5 has been completed, gently hand washed and is currently drying (more soon) it’s time to fill one of the vacant virtual project baskets again.

For this, I have chosen another Doctor Who cross stitch project which I call DWXS3. This time I’m stitching a sepia portrait of the tenth Doctor, a kit from Designer Cross Stitch which came with a piece of 14 ct Aida. It has been lying around half finished for quite a while now, so I thought it a good choice.

Yes, I know. My blog’s a little bit on the Doctor-y side these days, but that’s also what I’m dealing with in real life currently – doctors. They’re still working on a proper diagnosis but on the brighter side, it doesn’t seem like anything life-threatening. You’re not getting rid of me. 😀

OK, here’s what I stitched so far –

DWXS2 Finished

A kit by Serenity Designs that came with chart, 18 ct white Aida, sufficient DMC threads and needle.

I replaced some of the DMC threads with Anchor threads. DMC 950 and DMC 951 were so similar you couldn’t tell them apart after stitching, so I unpicked them and used ANC 1010 and ANC 1008, respectively. Also, I replaced DMC 642 by ANC 903 because I thought it matched the other colours a little better (a personal choice).

This is the third portrait of Ten I completed and I can feel another finish coming up soon. Only one more pattern sheet to stitch. 🙂

I have a vague idea about the cross stitch portraits of the Tenth Doctor once I have finished all seven of them. Hint: I’ve got some Doctor Who fabric waiting in my stash.

New SAL Project: DWXS1

This is a scheduled post. Feel free to leave your comments – I will answer them as soon as possible.

For a while I wondered if I should continue in this SAL as I’m a little indisposed these days but then I decided not to give in.

I’ve got a couple of running projects as well as some kits and patterns, so which one to chose? Finally, I went for my ‘problem child’ which hasn’t seen any progress for about a year. It’s my first Doctor Who cross stitch pattern which I have downloaded from, shared by user Solobacc. I’ve only got the pattern, but this is how it’s supposed to look like.

I’m stitching on a scrap of 18 ct. white Aida which is just big enough for the design but too small for a hoop. Maybe that’s why I left it untouched for a while.

After picking it up again, there has been a little progress already.

DWXS2 Update

Not the new SAL project yet, but an update on my DWXS2 cross stitch project. I made some progress recently while my boss was away on holiday and I had a little spare time at the office. 🙂

This is what I had last time:

I have moved the links that lead you to the blogs of the SAL participants to the left sidebar. (Edit: removed) Even if not everyone is posting everytime and we are scattered in different time zones around the globe, their blogs are always worth visiting.