Dave’s Design Disasters – Continued

Hi! Dave here. Dave the Muse.

This is my first guest post on my assistant’s blog. As she is really busy trying to finish this and that, I have dug into the archives and pulled out another Design Disaster. This one’s called

Flower Garden

1995 – 2000, 882 pieces, 88 x 80 cms, English paper piecing, beading


My assistant bought a kit of pre-cut strips on one of her holidays. She made as much pieces from each strip as possible, then I began to play around. Nothing really would fit. This was the best layout I could do. In a moment of madness – I have no other explanation – the orange binding was added. This piece has got no batting, but in the center of each flower a glass bead is tied down with some perle cotton.

I can imagine that using decent colours would make a real beauty.


Dave’s Design Disasters – 2

Not all of my countless ideas are really brilliant, I have to admit that. Here’s another one that didn’t turn out too well.

Sorting slides

A couple of years ago my assistant was part of a group who met in a local fabric store once a month. Someone had suggested they could put together some stuff in bags and hold a raffle. Do I need to mention that everyone always puts in their uglies?

My assistant got some green and red fabrics and a flower print. Also in that bag was a little metal box filled with some buttons, beads, a lace motif, a little bell from an Easter bunny and a white fur brooch (which we saved for a future project). The task was to make a quilt from this gift, adding some of your own fabrics was optional.

It took me a while to decide what to make. Finally I went for an old idea: picture slides. There was some grey fabric in Ms J’s stash which was perfect for the frames. She made a cardboard template from a borrowed frame. The finished slides were appliquéd to a white base fabric and some of them decorated with beads, buttons, sequins and pieces from a shell bracelet.

The idea behind it was to make it look like someone was sorting slides. Which also became the title of this piece.

See you


Dave’s Design Disasters – 1

Hi! Me again.

Being a muse, I always have some new ideas to be made into projects by my assistant J.

Unfortunately, not everything turns out as planned (sometimes it’s not even my fault). So, dear reader, get ready for a new series of mine –

Dave’s Design Disasters

Take this one here. This is from a challenge of J’s former patchwork group. Everyone received the same five fabrics, a fat quarter of each one. The orange one was a problem – what to do? Of course, it was meant to be the ‘accent fabric’. A very bad accent in my humble opinion. I decided to go for a tiny bit of sarcasm and called it ‘Bildstörung’, referring to a broken down TV screen.

My assistant tells me she hasn’t seen one of the other projects finished or even in progress. So I suppose I wasn’t the only one who had trouble with this fabric choice. Ha!

J hand sewed this using the English paper piecing technique. She then machine embroidered the piece with some decorative stitches including its name. I think I’ll have to come up with a very good idea to convince her of finishing it.


EDIT: I’ve just noticed the pic is a little blurry. Here’s a detail shot, showing the hand and machine stitching.