The Blind Spot (aka Seams Crooked) – UL 13

For the last three weeks I have been working on a couple of projects. Among others, I finished two more projects from the UFO Lottery. Here’s the first one, renamed The Blind Spot, formerly known as Seams Crooked (for a reason 😉 ).

After a first attempt to sew this together by machine I switched to EPP. I used a cotton fabric with  a soft overprint, cut it up and put it together again alternating the directions of the print and the colour gradation. As the contrast in the center is not as strong I renamed the piece The Blind Spot. Finished size is 56 x 56 cms, the squares are 1.7 cms/0.5 ” tall.

detail shot, showing overprint as well as the machine pieced crooked seams

UFO Lottery #10 – Batik Chessboard

As Propeller is near being finished, it’s time now to for the next draw in the UFO Lottery.

The next one ist my third piece in the chessboard series, originally known as Kreuz 3 (Cross 3). My new working title is Batik Chessboard, but that will change to another name once finished.

The main fabric is a multi batik with dots cut up into squares and laid out in a chessboard pattern. I filled the gaps in the middle with another multi gold-print batik in lighter colours and used regular white fabric with a white overprint on both sides. My original plan was to make two more strips of white squares for the sides but a) I’ve run out of that special fabric and b) I’ve run out of time. 😉

I’ve already chosen a matching batik for the backing and binding so that should be another quick finish. 🙂

UFO Lottery #9 – Orange&Blue

Summer has finally arrived – at least for a few days. Today’s forecast is 28° C. Some of you may smile mildly but these temperatures are not made for a northern girl like me. Especially not if you live in an attic apartment with no air condition but the open windows. A light eastern breeze is making this a little more comfortable. 🙂

Here’s another project from the UFO Lottery. It’s one of my chessboard projects, I think it was #4 in the series. The fabrics are not the best of quality, some cheap hand dyed cotton. But I liked the colours so I bought the fabrics anyway. I cut both pieces into squares and sewed them back together in a chessboard pattern, one from left to right, the other one from top to bottom, keeping the original order in which I cut them (my so-called ‘cut & sew’ technique).

For the border strips I chose a peach fabric and for the back some decorator’s fabric (read: curtain) from my stash. Should be finished sometime next week.

Fixed! Friday 17

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Unsurprisingly, it’s raining again today. Of course, because I wanted to go out and take some pictures of spring flowers today. I did anyway, armed with my umbrella, and got some nice shots to post on Four Eyes And A Lens (Edit: blog closed) soon. (I still haven’t got any magnolias 😦 ).

On the other hand, the rain is very much needed, because the ground is really dry. We’ve even had little sand storms recently in some areas.

For today’s edition, I chose

Im Farbenrausch (Rush of colours)

The right hand panel was made from three fabrics I had cut into strips and sewed back together again. I had only two more pieces of fabric left, but fortunately I was able to buy one more later which I used at the same place in the left panel.


Made between August 2001 and April 2003, size is 140 x 135 cms. This project is made of 1,612 pieces and took 171’20 hours to sew.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Challenge II