Knotweed, Not Bamboo

Japanese knotweed stalks

In my last Fixed! Friday post I introduced you to a piece with a yellow binding which had reminded Avis of Oh Sew Tempting of bamboo. I hadn’t noticed that before, but yes, she’s right. There are indeed some yellow species of bamboo, but most are green.

Knotweed (wip)

Strangely enough, just one or two days before I had thought of something – taking a backing fabric, cut it and insert a different fabric. I’ve even made some sketches. Avis’ comment led me to some pics I took last fall – not bamboo, but Japanese knotweed. Just the stalks without the leaves – and yellow.

After sewing on another project which had found me while I was looking for something else, I got out the yellow and brown fabric. Two of the extra fabrics from the other project, a brave cut across both of them. Sewn back together and cut again. Some strips from the yellow fabrics inserted. Voilà.

This needs a little more work – borders, binding, maybe some quilting. I’m currently exploring my sewing machine skills and there’s a lot to learn.