Additions to The Reef

A while ago I finished some new reef inhabitants. I haven’t named them yet like I did with the ones I made in the past. Find out more on the Coldwater Reef gallery page.

Clockwise from top left: sea-anemone, felted sponges, various sponges (partly felted), corals (partly felted)

Coldwater Reef

While I’m working behind the scenes with nothing yet to show I’d like to re-introduce my corals, sea anemones and sponges. There’s a separate page at the gallery with a little more information on each species. Enjoy!

Breeding Ammonites

Translation: Reading is hazardous to your ignorance.

Recently I told you about that disease known as ‘Crochetitis ammonitosa’. Well, at first it seemed that this was a short-lived thing. Give it a couple of days and the patient is back to normal. But no. I’ve still got it. Even worse. It has already infected other people. Including one of my pen pals to whom I mentioned it. Which once again proves reading is dangerous. Even one of the German book publishers have noticed. Their plastic bags now contain a warning sign, see above.

But I digress.

I had bought these balls of sockwool in a sale with no actual purpose, maybe to use them for my crochet corals.

As the ammonites are quickly made, they’re handy to carry them with you to work on during your lunch break or while travelling. I’ve been making some more already because I’ve got a certain project in mind of which I’ll tell you in some future post. I don’t know yet how many ammonites I will need. Somewhat between 500 and 1,000 is my first rough estimate. This will keep me busy for a little while.

After weaving in all the tails, I’m saving the cut-offs. I’ve got an idea what to do with them. As I said before, ‘Threads are art’.