You Can’t Hide Anything From Your Muse

– Hi! Dave here. –
Hi! How are you doing?
– Copperplates. –
– Copperplates. –
– That’s your next project. The old abandoned one. Bit on the slow side today, eh? –
Oi! Careful!
– As I said, copperplates. ‘Kupferstiche’*** in German. –
You speak German?
– Of course. I’m your muse. –
I’m not going to ask now where you got that from.
– It was in one of the drawers. In your brain. –
I thought they were folders.
– No, drawers. Anyway, time to finally start making something out of this beautiful fabrics. And before you ask – yes, I’ve also found the bag with all the matching ribbons and buttons and beads and a jar of copper paint. Use them. I want heavy embellishing. –

Faithful reader, if he goes on like this, I think I’ll have to ask my boss for at least six months off to complete all those projects. I hope your muse is a little less demanding.

*Meaning ‘I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t quite know what you’re talking about’, but shorter and therefore more convenient.
**Meaning ‘I still don’t understand.’
***lit. ‘copper stitches’