I still owed you the finish of UL 8 – it’s no fun using a 1.75 mm crochet hook, things seem to take forever. But now EHUX is finished.

Quite a while ago I visited the local Geological Museum and saw a picture of Emiliania huxleyi, EHUX to her friends. I wondered if it could be possible to make my own little sphere.

After some trial and error I had written my own pattern for the scales which still isn’t perfect and for this reason I’m not going to share it here. A painted styrofoam ball (10 cms/4 ” in diameter) provided the base for the first layer of scales (fifteen pieces), the second layer is made of ten pieces. My first idea was to sew the pieces together, but then I decided to glue them down.

A couple of process pictures –

The next project I’ve drawn is a cross stitch piece, Beyond The Garden Gate, which will also take a little longer to complete, so there will be other projects finished before that one. I’ll post a short introduction soon.