The Fabric Depot

A couple of project bags

My blog is known as The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot. Let’s talk about the latter. (Edit: my former blog)

Of course, every decent UFO Garage must have a fabric depot aka The Stash. Mine is a cabinet of drawers which holds about two thirds of the fabrics plus a couple of big plastic bins and some plastic bags for the remaining third. The cabinet measures 1.20 x 1.20 x .35 meters. That’s half a cubic meter of fabrics, plus another quarter in the bins and bags. Not enough to open a shop but clearly quite decent for a single person.

Today I went through one row of drawers in my cabinet because I was looking for a special fabric. I found it eventually, but I also found the stuff nightmares are made of. No, not tons of ugly fabrics, although I asked myself occasionally why I had bought this special fabric way back when. The sheer amount of fabrics was what caused the nightmares. And this was only twenty percent of the cabinet’s contents.

Oh dear. I think I need a plan.

After finishing my UFOs and WIPs which are mostly hand sewing projects, I’m going to switch to machine sewing. This is a decision I already made a while ago as my eyesight isn’t improving with age. And I noticed my hand stitches aren’t as tiny and even anymore as they used to be. But this will also mean I’ll have to say goodbye to a lot of patterns I’ve got on my list. And – maybe – in the end I’ll have to sell some of my stuff because I can’t keep the whole lot. More nightmares to come.

OK, but first finish the UFOs, then nightmares.

Houston, we’ve got a problem

I knew when I was going to re-organize the UFO Garage (aka The Boudoir), I would maybe find some surprises. Well, in fact I was certain I would. But my expectations were exceeded by far. With all the stuff taken out (and some even returned), the rest of my place looks devastated. How did all this stuff fit into one room? Bigger on the inside?

It seems I’ve got something of everything. Which of course is not true. But the worst thing is that every little thing I take into my hands is giving me (or my muse) ideas.

To my surprise I found another project I had completely forgotten about. Cut batik squares for another ‘Cross’ piece. Ready to be basted. (Note to self: look for paper templates – they must be somewhere, too.)

There were loads of already cut little squares and rectangles in different sizes, made from the tiny scraps that were leftovers from my other projects – nothing gets wasted around here. I’ll have to make some templates first and then take them with me to do a little basting in my lunch breaks. Which I started already yesterday.

Wherever there was a little space left, I stuffed something there. Which means I’ve got no idea where everything is. I think I’ll have to separate my stuff into three big piles: textiles and patchwork, crafty stuff, and art supplies. Which will then be placed together so I can find what I’m looking for. This is a totally new concept to me. 😉 (Note to self: go on trip to the local IKEA as well as the DIY’s for some storage containers – no more plastic bags piling up.)

Hard times ahead, friends.

Has anyone of you had a problem like this to fix? And did you succeed?