Thirteen things with wings – 6

The big yellow one is finished. It’s the only one I can name because I discovered it by accident on one of my collector’s cards. It’s a male Comet moth (Argema mittrei).

Here’s the washed and ironed panel for you (I’m always ironing only after washing to prevent possible stains becoming permanent).

The chart is a design by De Selby called Butterfly Box, published in the June 2015 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

Stitched on 27 ct evenweave with some of the original DMC colours from my stash, but mostly with Anchor replacements. Looks quite like the original – which will not be the case with my next project. I’ll tell you more about that in a couple of days.

Thirteen things with wings – 5

Here are the next two lepidopterans – only one more left to go.

I’ve already started the big yellow one but it will take a couple of days, hoping I’ll have it all finished, washed and ironed by the weekend as a couple of appointments are coming up next week.

Thirteen things with wings – 3

Despite some unexpected trouble with one of my blogs and quite a lot of work resulting from this, plus some unpicking of a wing I managed to finish the next set of butterflies (and a moth).

After seven ‘things with wings’ I’m halfway through the stitching although only six are remaining. One of them is twice the size so it counts for two. 😉

Thirteen things with wings – 1

Making the Woodland Sampler was so much fun that I decided to extend my ‘March is cross stitch month’ into April.

My new project is a design by De Selby called Butterfly Box,   published in the June 2015 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine. As it’s not just butterflies but also dragonflies and moths, I renamed it Thirteen things with wings.

This time I’m stitching on cream evenweave by Rico which is a littly floppy for my liking but I didn’t feel like doing all those quarter stitches on Aida. I’m using the original DMC colours I had in my stash and converted the other ones to Anchor.

Magical Butterflies

I spent a couple of hours at the local Botanical Gardens on Monday. They’re having a butterfly exhibition until September. It was a very special experience walking among all those beautiful fluttering creatures, I might go again.

No idea what they are called, but here’s a small gallery.