The first Science Night in town – something not to be missed. Especially because everything was free, including the shuttle busses and ferry. I had picked some events and made a tight schedule according to the shuttle bus time table.


First stop was the Central Library at the Institute for World Economics. A bookbinding workshop was my pick there. After a short demonstration on how to thread bind a book you could get a free bookmark of your choice.



Bücherwurm = bookworm
Leseratte = reading rat 🙂 another term for bookworm
Seitenfinder = page finder

And finally the workshop. We were taught how to make a swirling notepad.



This is what I made, it’s the one in the middle in the second picture. Drying after applying the glue was going to take one hour but due to my schedule I had to leave it there. Luckily, they had some finished notepads to chose from.

Swag from the library –


Then I hopped onto the shuttle bus for my next destination, the Muthesius Art College, for a short workshop in graphic arts and printing. You could make stamps from moss rubber, try a small etching, do monoprinting and other things. I chose to make a print from the back of a box of chocolate kisses (beaten egg white on a wafer, covered with chocolate) also known as milk carton printing. With a sharp pencil I drew a cluster of circles.


After applying some paint and turning the wheel of the printing press I had a work of art to take home.

Swag from the art college –



Back onto the shuttle bus to catch the ferry to the east side and Geomar, an institute for marine research.

Swag on the ferry –

a fifteen minute language class explaining the traps of the English language that Germans tend to fall easily into 🙂 (sorry, no picture for obvious reasons)


At Geomar you could explore a couple of marine related topics in small experiments, learn about the pollution of the ocean or peek at the tiniest of creatures through a microscope. On display were a couple of research vessels and gear like the small research submarine Jago. (Everyone: #We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine#) 😉

Swag from Geomar –


herrings with a taste of blueberry.

I would also have loved to see the light show on the façade of the University but that would have meant to return to the west side. Also, it had started to rain so I went home instead of getting soaked in the dark. 😉

Looking forward to next year.


Bookbinding, Vol. 4 & 5

kiwo16_ws05Bound in disused nautical chart – with some small ‘glue’ accidents 😉

kiwo16_ws06Bound in decorative paper

Yesterday’s weather was perfect for indoor activities, so I took another bookbinding class and made my last two volumes. These notebooks are about postcard size.

I will try to put together a ‘How to’ page from the process photos I took (not a proper tutorial) but this may take a couple of days.

Bookbinding, Vol. 2 & 3

Yesterday an appointment I had made was called off, and I had the time to take another bookbinding lesson. This time I made two little sketchbooks.
kiwo16_ws03Bound in my own handmade marbled paper – Did you know paper has a direction? Although I cut my pieces in the wrong one the cover didn’t warp after glueing.kiwo16_ws04Bound in disused nautical chart

Bookbinding For Dummies

I (aka the dummy) made this


from this (plus some blank pages and a rubber band.)


Today I spontaneously decided to take a little bookbinding class offered by a local workshop, Werkstatt am Drachensee. Drachensee Foundation employ handicapped people who, among other things, make beautiful craft items (textile/paper) which are then sold.

Making this little notebook was a lot of fun. I paid only a small fee to cover for the material. As they have now decided to offer this class all week long I might go and make another one. They had such pretty papers and I’d love to have another notebook bound with some discarded nautical chart.