Hexies – resumed

After I had completed all of the hexies needed (1,188) I made a layout, joined the hexies into strips (36 rows containing 33 hexies each), joined two of the rows and started the next two.

And then I didn’t like it anymore and put it away. That was about two years ago.

Recently, I took apart the strips again so I had short sequences of the idividual colours. I discussed a new layout with my sister – she’s not into crafting at all, so her fresh ideas are always welcome. This is what I ended up with –

I took away three and a half colours, it’s now five rows less and only 1,023 hexies (saves me at least one week of fiddly joining).

Still not what I had in mind, but better than the first try. Now I’m working on rejoining the rows in order to regain some free space for my sewing machine table.

Rainbow Blanket Finished

Although I finished the blanket last summer (2015) I only managed to weave in the ends about three weeks ago. I started the blanket more than fifteen years ago but got stuck because I didn’t find the kind of blue yarn I wanted. The lighter blue yarn I used is a compromise I made to finally get the blanket finished. The yarns are different brands of acrylic (the blue one contains 20 percent wool) and I used a 3,5 mm hook.

The pattern came from a free and currently misplaced sheet I picked up at a local department store and is made of alternating rows of double crochets and two half double crochets (2tog) and a chain. (Does that make sense to you?) Size is 142 x 192 cms (approx. 4′ 20″ x 6′ 10″).

Ten Stitch Twist Finished

Well, almost. I just need to weave in a couple of ends. 😉
It looks a lot more blue than it is in reality but as usual, it was hard to get the colours right in the picture. This one comes closer to the real thing –

This is my version of Franki Brown’s Ten Stitch Twist. The second one, to be exact. I frogged the first one because I didn’t like the colour scheme.

I used a couple of sock yarns from my stash, about 680 grams total. You can find some information on the yarns on the Ten Stitch Twist project page. The pattern also had an instruction for a tapered edge but I have to admit I didn’t get it (neither in English nor in German) so I simply bound off. My brain isn’t what it used to be these days. *sigh*

My Current Projects

Some of my projects from the list  have already been finished. You may have noticed I didn’t blog about all of them – yet. I have been making a couple of scarves which I will introduce in an upcoming series of posts. There’s a new cross stitch project (still secret) and a new art quilt project.

As my German photoblog 54° 20′ N 10° 08′ W never appeared in the search results, I have created a new one called Kielgeholt (keelhauled) which has also got an English summary at the end of each entry. Both blogs show mainly detail shots from my photo walks. If you always wanted to know how a quite near-sighted girl sees her surroundings, just pop over. (Edit: I’ve closed it again.)

But I digress. Here are my current featured projects.

The ‘Strawberry & Cream’ scarf made in a knitted drop stitch pattern I designed inspired by another project.

The ‘Rainbow’ blanket – the blue part is finished and I’ve already started crocheting the purple part which is the last colour.

A new art quilt project. This is only an example of one of the blocks. The finished piece will look quite different.