Meet The Beetles – Stage 4 And Finish

Stag beetle (HirschkÀfer), Lucanus cervus, male

A strong little chap which also took me the most time to make as he is a little larger than his friends. This is also the last one of this project. I’m not sure yet what to do with it but here’s the finished panel.

As this SAL continues, I’ll be introducing a new project next time. I have finally made up my mind and chose one out of three or four possible patterns. That one will keep me busy for a while. 🙂

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Meet The Beetles – Stage 3


Green tiger beetle (SandlaufkÀfer), Cicindela campestris

The third one in this SAL wasn’t easy to identify as I’ve got only the common German names and there are a lot of species of tiger beetles but this one was as close as I could get. When I did the research I found lots of interesting beetles that would be worth stitching. Alas, I haven’t got the time to draw some patterns and make them.

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Meet The Beetles – Stage 2

Musk beetle (Moschusbock), Aromia moschata

Another little cutie from the woods. The smallest one in this collection, and a joy to make. Musk beetles have very long antennae, and although it looks like they are around the sides here, they are rather bent over the back.

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Avis, Claire, Gun, Kate, Carole, Eleanor, Alison, Elizabeth, Wendy

Meet The Beetles – Stage 1

Burying/sexton beetle (TotengrÀber), Nicrophorus vespillo

I’ve tried my best to identify the species but there are a lot of varieties so I hope I’ve got it at least nearly right.  🙂

Isn’t it cute? I fell in love with this pattern the moment I first saw it. There are four beetles in this design, I chose to stitch them in one row instead of two.

The pattern (# 73107) was published in Pflanzen, FrĂŒchte & Tiere (Woodland and garden life/La nature de nos jardins/Vruchten, planten en vlinders), Rico Design Vol. 35, by Michael Lindner, Ingeburg Dietz & Christel John (ISBN 3-933554-39-X). I’m stitching with Anchor threads on 16 ct white Aida.

This is my new SAL project – I’m stitching along with Avis, Claire, Gun and Kate. And we also have a couple of new ladies joining us. Hop over and see what they are up to:


Bitten By The Stitching Bug – Again

threads for my new project

No more cross stitch this year. That’s what I said in my comments recently. But one special project kept nagging me. Especially now that Avis and Claire have chosen a new project for a SAL.

OK, I give in. 😉

My new project will be a joy for the entomologists and insect lovers among you. Here’s a little teaser pic – I don’t want to give too much away for now. But I can tell you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Currently we are nine ladies stitching along. We will all post about our progress on October 12. I’ll link to all of  their blogs in my post then.