Paper beads – lots of them

Another long-term ‘keeping my hands busy while watching tv’ project was making paper beads. So far I have made 15,000 in white and 5,000 in various colours. My supply of cream strips lasted until I had 2,166 pieces.

A couple of ideas what to do with them but nothing special yet.

Digging For Treasures

Faithful readers, I hope at least some of you have missed me while I was busy doing this and that during the last few weeks. – What did you mean by ‘not really’? Yes, I’ve heard you murmur in the far corner over there. – 😉

Going through all the things that I have collected over the last couple of years – 30? 40? – takes quite more time than expected. Also, my job has been very exhausting during the past weeks. Above this, Dave is keeping me busy taking pictures for his new photoblog.

So – while you’re waiting for something handmade, you might as well enjoy some of the treasures I’ve already dug out from under layers and layers of dust.

Like this little stack of drawers, containing: laces, buttons, beads, some cheap jewellery, a snake, a seahorse, a furry brooch, buckles, and a couple of found objects. All bought for making crafty things with them. Sadly, it doesn’t have a drawer full of ‘time’. (Note to self: shop for TARDIS.)

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To be continued.