From 3D To 2D

Candleholder by Jan Hebach, steel, 2004

‘Jule?’ – Dave, my muse.
‘I’ve got an idea.’
‘You’ve got more ideas than other people’s dogs got fleas.’
‘No, seriously. You’ve found some stuff again recently while sorting your things. I thought I could combine some of those things for a little piece of fun.’
He never fails to make me curious. ‘Which are? I’ve found tons of stuff.’
‘On one of the postcards you picked up at an exhibition there’s this metal candle holder. I know you like this card and you were already thinking of something inspired by this picture.’
‘Yes, I was.’
‘Take that small leftover piece of 12 ct Aida and the cut embroidery floss from the plastic bag you found a couple of days ago. And a strand of black floss from your stash. Cross stitch with the robin’s egg blue and backstitch with the black one.’
‘Hm. Yes, that could work. But I’m a little short of time at the moment to do this.’
‘Make this your lunchtime break project, then.’

That little rascal. Always one step ahead of me. 🙂