Fixed! Friday 13

Welcome again to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Taking a short coffee break from panic cleaning (surprise visit on Sunday). So I’m a bit in a hurry.

This week’s un-quilt:


Inspired by a drawing I found in a volume of Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Science Spectrum). I later learned it is an ancient pattern, Grünbaum/Shephard have it, too. I made the woven diamond using English paper piecing and appliquéd it onto the background fabric . Because of the light colour I used a thin polyester batting/wadding.

‘Spektrum’ drawing

from Grünbaum/Shephard

Made from cotton fabrics between February 2000 and November 2001 from 968 pieces, this took me 143’15 hours to make. Size is 114 x 202 cms.


Next week on Fixed! Friday: Kaleidoskop

Fixed! Friday 11

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Had another day off and spent the morning in the Chaos Cuisine tidying up (failed), crocheted a basic coral from some raffia (work in progress) and cut some fabrics from one of my project bags (more work, some progress). Music: Cover to Cover by the Jeff Healey Band (Track 7: Stuck In The Middle With You 🙄 ). Heading over to The Boudoir in a few minutes for some more cutting and hopefully some sewing too.

Out of Africa IV

Another one made from the African-style strips I mentioned in FF10. To give you an idea, here’s a pic I found in my folder.

possible layout for African-style strip project

After taking the strip apart and the panel sewn, I went through my collection and found some matching glass beads. I used a sturdy cotton fabric for the front and back and a binding made of some yellow and brown batik.

beading detail

The panel is made of 165 pieces and finishing took me 23’45 hours between August and December 2003. The piece measures 68 x 69 cms.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Isfahan

Fixed! Friday 10

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Today I almost went straight home after work, just a little shopping at the local delicatessen (aka Aldi) for the weekend. I’ve still got a little bit of sewing to do because I’m expecting a ‘customer’ on the weekend.

To get in the mood for this week’s project, I’ve put on a collection of songs called The Sound of Africa.

African Sashiko

The plan was this: Make a project of various African-style strips. After a while I gave this up because I didn’t like the design anymore. I took some of the strips apart and made small panels which I appliquéd onto backing fabrics. I combined them with various other stuff – on this one I used some Japanese sashiko quilting found in Kumiko Sudo’s Fabled Flowers. (Which reminds me – some great projects I wanted to do from that one, too.)

the panel made from the strips

Made between July and August 2003, this piece measures 51,5 x 64 cms. The panel is made of 120 pieces. Completing the project took 16’15 hours. The fabrics are cottons and a cotton/polyester blend for the back (a lighter green than the front), and I used perle cotton for the sashiko and hemming.

sashiko ‘quilting’

If you look closely, you might notice I used the green fabric from the wrong side. A little accident while cutting the fabric, as it sometimes happens. 🙂


Next week on Fixed! Friday: Out Of Africa IV

Dave’s Design Disasters – 2

Not all of my countless ideas are really brilliant, I have to admit that. Here’s another one that didn’t turn out too well.

Sorting slides

A couple of years ago my assistant was part of a group who met in a local fabric store once a month. Someone had suggested they could put together some stuff in bags and hold a raffle. Do I need to mention that everyone always puts in their uglies?

My assistant got some green and red fabrics and a flower print. Also in that bag was a little metal box filled with some buttons, beads, a lace motif, a little bell from an Easter bunny and a white fur brooch (which we saved for a future project). The task was to make a quilt from this gift, adding some of your own fabrics was optional.

It took me a while to decide what to make. Finally I went for an old idea: picture slides. There was some grey fabric in Ms J’s stash which was perfect for the frames. She made a cardboard template from a borrowed frame. The finished slides were appliquéd to a white base fabric and some of them decorated with beads, buttons, sequins and pieces from a shell bracelet.

The idea behind it was to make it look like someone was sorting slides. Which also became the title of this piece.

See you


Gudrun’s Blocks

Gudrun’s original block, I added the black strips

A couple of years ago a got a phone call from a friend of mine, Gudrun. She invited me to come around and have a browse through her many bags full of fabrics. ‘Take everything you want.’ So I spent a morning in an almost dark basement, picking out real treasures like Japanese kimono silks. I went home with a sports bag and a shopping bag full of fabrics.

Gudrun was able to make things from the tiniest of pieces, even smaller than some of my stuff – I remember a little ball the size of a thumbnail made of pentagons. She was a well-known in the local quilting scene. Also, she was interested in any other kind of craft.

A couple of days after my visit she died.

These are some of her unfinished blocks she let me have from the bags. Found again in the depths of The Boudoir.

What kind of surprises will I find underneath the black layer?

I’m thinking of making a fabric frame for the mola-style blocks which will also show their interesting backs.

The MuseApp

Hello everyone! This is the German and her sometimes indeliberately funny English again. It’s been a while since my last post (well, actually there were two on one day – super bonus!). I wasn’t that busy at crafting during the last two weeks, only some occasional bits and pieces. Must be winter blues. Yes, I know it says ‘June’ on the calendar. Though. Worst spring since the beginning of mankind. Grotty.

OK, enough for the moaning. I’d like to tell you about my next project …
– Er-hem. –
– Er-hem. –
– Dave here. –
What are you doing here? (Now, faithful reader, you already know what’s next.)
– (cheerful) I’m here to inspire you. –
To inspire me. Ah. I was just about to tell my readers about my next project.
– Next but one. –
– Next but one. I’ve got something more important. –
And what can be more important than my next project then?
– Apps. –
– Exactly. –
But I haven’t got one of this mobile things. I’ve got no use for apps.
– (patiently) I’m talking of appliqué pieces, ‘apps’ in short. –
Oh, I see.
– All those little scraps of fabric in your various boxes. Cut them into small-scale squares and appliqué them in a grid layout. Like on one of this mobile things. –
Or like a collection of inchies.
– Inchies? –
Oh, something you haven’t heard of for a change? Fabric squares the size of an inch decorated with anything at hand and appliquéd to a background fabric.
– Hmm, sounds similar indeed. Never mind. You could cut them into different sizes then if you don’t want the grid look. –
What do you think about different shapes – squares, circles, triangles?
– Worth trying. An app is an app. –
What about embellishing?
– Why not? You’ve got a lot of stuff to choose from. It’s about time to use some of it. –

Here’s a first look at some quick choices. Happy snipping everyone!