Palimpsest (UL 1)

And the first winner is – Palimpsest*

The background was made back in 2008 and 2009, using my then new sewing machine and a variety of machine embroidery threads, mostly Madeira Rayon. The idea behind it was to create a parchment-like piece like a page from an old book, with an illuminated letter and decorative painting. The letter is cross stitched (U is for Unicorn) and appliquéd in place. I used a giant zigzag stitch to couch down the red lace after testing different possibilities in hand and machine stitching. Finished size is 40 x 46 cms.

detail, showing cross stitched letter, couching and machine embroidery

some of the threads used in machine embroidery

*a piece of parchment that has the original writing removed for re-use, with some of the old letters sometimes still slightly visible


Men At Work

A couple of years ago I made this pillow cover for one of my nephews. Everything related to construction sites was pure fascination for this little guy. I had to search the shops a little to find the fabric with the big machinery. Then I added a pile of sand, some rocks and planks, all safely surrounded by a red and white barrier.

I had totally forgotten I made this when recently my sister-in-law asked me if I wanted it back. Sad that she didn’t make my nephew keep it but still better than stuffing it into a charity bag.

Fixed! Friday Special Issue – Small Formats #2

Welcome to the sixth and last special issue of Fixed! Friday.

Seems I’m one of the few people who has to ‘work’ today (apart from the brave sales persons who are facing quite some customers today). It’s very quiet in the office, no phone calls or clients so far. That’s why I’ve decided to post this from my workplace so I won’t be falling asleep at my desk. 😉

I’m currently working on the ‘Blue Tiles’ top which I probably will manage to finish within 2013. Yes! After that, look forward to the UFO Lottery. Finally, I’ve got a surprise for you. But all in good time. 🙂

Here are some more smaller pieces from my collection.

Januar 2000 (January 2000)

Nachtgewitter (Night Lightning)

Tie Dye

Fixed! Friday Special Issue – Small Formats #1

Welcome to the fifth special issue of Fixed! Friday.

Some smaller pieces today.

Verwandlung (Transformation)

Made from an abandoned project by my friend Silke – I took it apart, cut the big diamonds into four smaller pieces, reassembled them and appliquéd the four ‘blocks’ onto a background. I used her exact layout, but had to replace one fabric – the blue one with the little white flowers.

Rechtecke (Oblongs)

Made from some sample swatches

Quadrate (Squares)

Amerika (America)

Fixed! Friday Special Issue – Appliqué

Welcome to the third special issue of Fixed! Friday.

As you might know, we’re experiencing a bit of a hurricane since yesterday. It had calmed down a little during the night, but this morning the wind has gotten heavier again with added snow and sleet. Yesterday, my boss generously told me to stay at home today, so I’m having a day off. 🙂 So far, no damages around the house as I can see. I cross my fingers that everyone else is OK, too.

For today’s issue I have chosen some of my appliqué pieces for you.

Monde und Planeten (Moons and planets), cushion cover

Tie One On, cushion cover

Bärchen (Teddies), toddler quilt

Mandala-Blumen (Mandala Flowers)

Nordlicht (Northern Lights)

Oles Bunte Biester (Ole’s Colourful Beasts)

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Grape tablecloth – center motif

While looking for a Christmas tablecloth my parents made I also found another one. As I wasn’t quite sure where it came from, I checked with my mum. She told me it belonged to her mother, my granny. I think I picked it up because no-one else wanted it after she had died.

one quarter

four napkins

This one has got hand appliquéd grape and leaf motifs with some embroidery for the stems as well as a hand sewn border which is secured with some tiny blanket stitch all around the rim. It came with four napkins – or are they placemats?

corner motif

grape motif, detail


Although I’m not a friend of pink, I used it for a while on my living room table just because I liked the craftmanship. Of course, it’s obviously not one of a kind, I think such things were produced in bulk. But I love it anyway.

Fixed! Friday 32

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

I have to admit that I wasn’t in the mood for patchwork during the last two or three weeks. I felt more like doing some other things – knitting, cross stitch, canvaswork, editing photos and stuff for an experimental art blog, the like. But as the days grow shorter and weather conditions for taking pictures outside will become a little more challenging over the next weeks, there will be a good chance I will be back to sewing, finishing the last tops so I can finally start my UFO lottery.


This came out totally different from what I had planned. It was supposed to be a project about local flora and fauna with 3D borders. In the end, it became an aquarium. Well …

made between July 2001 and June 2003, 76 x 76 cms, 27 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Bargello Quilt

Fixed! Friday 24

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

I made a shocking discovery today which I’m posting about elsewhere. 😉

Today’s project is called

O.T. (Gelbe Dreiecke) / Untitled (Yellow Triangles)

A small, modern exercise. I was given the yellow triangles which were are leftover from one of someone else’s projects and put them aside for further use. When my muse struck me (he uses his baseball bat for this purpose) I cut a strip of fabric into smaller pieces, rearranged them and appliquéd the triangles. The fabrics are hand-dyed cotton satins by Heide Stoll-Weber.

Made between May 2004 and April 2005. 46 x 55 cms, 29 pieces. Time to make: 9’35 hours.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: 4/4

Fixed! Friday 23

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Time flies. It’s my last day off work already, I’ll be back at the office on Monday. As usual, I probably will need an excavator to get through the wall of files that are piling up on my desk.

I’ve been busy mainly with cross stitching and did only a few stitches on my patchwork pieces, so no updates yet. Also spent two days at the local botanical gardens and came back with a lot of pictures (plus I had to type Teddy’s report for Jules Platt-Blog – in Low German, but with some cute pictures of my little lifelong friend and a slideshow).

Today’s choice:

Hoch gestapelt (Piled up high)

Hoch gestapelt (Piled up high)

The classic Baby Blocks pattern. My version comes in silks which were a bargain at the local IKEA’s. I bought the black silk for the front and back separately. No batting used as usual. When I looked at the finished piece, the blocks vaguely resembled the outline of the Bundesland (state) I live in. This was pure coincidence but gave me another idea for a possible future work. 🙂

detail shot

Made between April and October 2007. 70 x 89 cms, 291 pieces.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: O.T. (Gelbe Dreiecke) – Untitled (Yellow Triangles)

Fixed! Friday 22

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

I’m late again (seems to become a habit) because I had to do some shopping in town which took me longer than expected.

This week’s piece is called

Von Sonnenuntergang bis Sonnenaufgang (From Sundown To Sunup)

For this one, I simply cut up three fabrics and sewed them back together. The center squares are appliquéd and stuffed with an additional piece of batting. I went for a somewhat different border solution.


Made between December 2003 and January 2005, 77 x 77 cms, 229 pieces, time spent: 39 hours.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Baby Blocks