First Attempts

Geological Lava, Granite, Granite & Lava

Landscape, Seascape November Forest, Spring Forest, Sargasso, Colours of the Baltic Sea

Art & Material Cubist 1, Cubist 2, Brass, Soap Bubbles

The Garden Bougainvillea, I’m in a very berry mood, Flower Power, Summer Garden

The Odd Ones Any Colour, A passion for purple, Traces of turquoise

Italia Cortina, Vulcano 1, Vulcano 2, Garda, Vulcano 3

Trip around the world(s) Caribbean, Tierra del Fuego, Lapland, Discworld, Sahara

Red & Grey Strawberry, Autumn Dreams, Autumn Sun, Agate, December

From my design booklet Olivine 1, Olivine 2, Winter, Cubist 3, Petrol

Tutti Frutti Papaya, Watermelon, Kiwi (72 % cotton, 18 % polyamide, 10 % polyester)

Night & Day Night & Day 1, 2, and 3

Leftover Socks
Top row: Vulcano and Tierra del Fuego, Cortina and Marathon, Sneaker Socks (6-ply), Cubist and Moss
Bottom row: Lapland and Fresco, Blue Sargasso, Granite 2, Vulcano 4

Rainbow Socks
Top row: Jackpot 1, Etude 1, Sorbet, Jackpot 2
Middle row: Etude 2, Etude 3, Rico, Digipix
Bottom row: Etude 4, Jackpot 3, Viva 1, Viva 2