Behind the scenes – July

Next week I haven’t got any appointments (yet …) so I have made a little list of projects I’m going to work on. But you know how funny life can be – wish me luck. 🙂

Currently I’m busy working on a couple of projects like the colour placement for the crochet Hexie blanket. It’s taking up most of the space of The Boudoir’s bedroom floor, so I’m stalking around like a stork over there. I’ve been sewing strips for Fiona’s Fall and joining a couple on Seams Crooked, as well as making some crochet parts for my first amigurumi doll and UL 8, preparing more reef residents, among others. The fabric strips from Kiel Week’s Spiellinie are washed and ironed. Plus some ideas for the UFO Lottery projects appeared. Hoping to have something to show at the beginning of August.


Vintage Glassware – Update 4

Backstitching on the first seven goblets from page one is complete. Blending in well with the design and definitely worth the extra work, methinks.

This is how it looked without –

Now on to page two and the remaining five goblets.

Not a total loss

I finished basting the mini-hexies today and ended up with 3,600 pieces plus one spare. This wasn’t planned beforehand, I just cut everything up and made the paper templates as I went along. A perfect occupation in front of the tv in the evenings. It was a way to salvage the fabrics from an abandoned project. Immediately after I left the old project I started to look for another way of using the fabrics. They were expensive batiks, after all. These little 1 cm (3/8″) hexies were the ideal fit, and although I discarded lots of snippets this wasn’t a total loss. The new project is part of the UFO Lottery, still waiting to be drawn. I’ve got a vague design idea already.

Plan B (UL 7)

Treating myself to two days of sewing fun, I finished two projects yesterday. This is the second one, Plan B.

I’m not quite sure anymore what the name is referring to. If I remember it correctly, it was something about the colours, maybe wanting to use four different blue fabrics but couldn’t get what I wanted. So I had to switch to plan B and use different colours. Something like that.

The pattern is another one from Tilings and patterns (GrĂŒnbaum/Shephard) and took me a while to figure it out. Basically, it’s overlapping hexagons.

Finished size is 53 x 46 cms, the piece is unquilted like almost all of my projects. A plain dark blue batik backing, hemming done with a variegated polyester buttonhole thread.

That’s 20 % of the UFO Lottery completed – seven finishes out of thirty-five. 🎉 I’ve already drawn the next ticket – a crochet project using a 1.75 mm hook so this will take me a while.

Scrappy (UL 6)

Finishing Scrappy went faster than expected. (Plus, I’ve finished a second one which I will blog about tomorrow.)

A side project after finishing Disappearing Nine Patch made from the leftover scraps, this is the original top.

I was quite unhappy with the wide sashing strips so I followed a suggestion to cut the top apart –

– and then add some more scraps. I had a couple of matching stuff in my stash as well as the odd leftover from the original top.

Simple, but very effective. A winner! Big thanks got to Kate from Tall Tales from Chiconia for saving this piece.

Finished size is 56 x 69 cms, no batting, no quilting. Binding and backing fabric is a cream marbled cotton/polyester fabric.

Artifacts (UL 5)

Last week was a little hectic as real life took over. My landlord is going to sell the flat I live in so I have to show around possible buyers. Which involved a little cleaning and tidying. 😉 I was hoping to get the next two pieces finished on the weekend but this plan was torpedoed by my brother who changed the date for a triple birthday party due to the weather forecast. 🙂

Finally, here’s Artifacts

A set of fabric samples, not my usual choice. I think I bought it for the ‘Artifacts’ fabric strips (designed by John Flynn for Benartex). The top was made to gain some machine piecing practice and has been lying around for four years. Time to do something about that, so it go entered into the UFO Lottery.

Finished size is 76 x 76 cms, binding and backing are made from a peach cotton/polyester fabric.

I’m blogging from the kitchen today as my living room table is blocked by my sewing machine. Scrappy has been cut up and is on its way to become something more pleasing to the eye. More to come in a couple of days. Some work on Plan B might also happen.

I’m in the mood for monsters

Cuddly monsters of the crochet kind, that is. 🙂

A while ago I bought two German Amigurumi magazines because I wanted to try it myself but never got into deciphering the charts. Recently Claire introduced her new crochet skills on her blog which finally made me want to give Amigurumi a try. Also, someone mentioned a mix-and-match monster book in the comments.

Yay, monsters!

I found the book* online and since the postie delivered it a couple of days ago I’ve been designing monsters. After working my way through the technical side I’ve started my first one. Without severe accidents so far.


* Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord, ISBN 978-1-910904-58-9


It’s the small things

After deciding to add backstitching to this project I started with the first goblet this morning, making the colour choices as I went along.

Just a few stitches in, I knew it was exactly the right decision. Look at the swirly handles.


The first goblet is finished now, the backstitching is blending in, at the same time making quite a difference.

Next update after finishing the yellow one – this one will look quite different then.

SchrĂ€ge Vögel (UL 4)

It’s finally time for the next winner – SchrĂ€ge Vögel.

I think I need to explain the title of today’s piece a little for my English speaking readers. If you translate this literally, you may get something like ‘diagonal/slanted birds’. But it’s also playing with words – in German ‘schrĂ€g’ is used also to describe things, sounds or persons (or their garments) that are a little off the normal or ‘odd’. ‘Vogel’ (bird) in this case also refers to people – in English you would call such a person a ‘crazy guy’ or, a little more on the polite side, a ‘character’.

And of course flying geese shapes in an aslant setting – diagonal birds – schrĂ€ge Vögel.

I had to block this top because it was totally out of angle. It worked, but after sewing on the border strips it had returned to its odd shape. With a little picture editing jiggery-pokery I made it look almost square again for you. 😉 There are two different background fabrics because I didn’t have the amount for the whole top and couldn’t buy any more of either fabric. I decided upon a line running from top left to bottom right rather than midway across the piece. It’s a little hard to see on the picture above, but the one below gives you a better idea.

Top and backing are made entirely of fabrics from the Fossil Ferns range, finished size is 89 x 90 cms.

top with two different background fabrics and green backing