Not quite square

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned. After testing the pattern from Patchwork Professional and thinking of alternative cuts, I pulled out some of my precious Lonni Rossi designed fabrics and went to work. I got this –

Alas, all of the squares became a little ‘unsquare’. They’re even different sizes despite the same number of strips.

So the quilt isn’t going to be.

I’ll have to think about something else. Cushion covers, perhaps? No one is going to notice they’re not square once they sit on the sofa. 😀

Cuts: | |

Cuts: ) (

Cuts: / \

Cuts: < >

I found solace in starting a hand sewing project. My sister insisted on suggested a Christmas door hanging with Christmas tree, candles, baubles, presents beneath. The ultimate kitsch. (Un)fortunately I don’t have any green Christmas fabrics. So it’s going to be a blue baubles abstract. More soon.


Something new

The tutorial for Cavex by Anke Wechsung from the 04/2019 issue of the German Patchwork Professional magazine was something I couldn’t get out of my head. So I finally gave in and spent Friday and Saturday sewing.

This was a test if I could concentrate on the tutorial and to find out if I had the physical power to sew the project. It’s a small one and everything went fine.

Then my muse struck me. Or hit me with his baseball bat, to be exact. Instead of two cuts like this ) ( I made two cuts like this \ /. And got this –

I used two of my project bags for these. The first one is from Fancy Cats Dots by Makower in four of the five colours I have. The second one is made from three nameless fabrics by Stof A/S and one Robert Kaufman Marbleous  in black, which were leftovers from Unfinished Business.

Dave the Muse suggested different ways of cutting and my collection of Lonni Rossi fabrics.  – Always at your service, my Lord and Master. ✂️

New Socks

Well, kind of new. Made in March and April, I finally got to weave in the ends. Lots of them, because I made the socks from leftovers. You may recognise the odd yarn.

From left to right: Vulcano and Tierra del Fuego, Cortina and Marathon, Sneaker Socks (6-ply), Cubist and Moss

From left to right: Lapland and Fresco, Blue Sargasso, Granite 2, Vulcano 4

Added to the Sockmania page where you can find them all. 🙂

And a bunch of new ones in rainbow colours are on their way – four done, eight to go. Maybe nine.

Finally the ones I made for Mum – they’ve found their way back to me.

A very special bargain

I mentioned a substantial addition to my stash – well, here it is –

A couple of weeks ago there was an ad in the local newspaper – the sewing café was going to move to another location and there was a fleamarket to be held at their old place. Yeah!

I was hoping for some embroidery floss, maybe the odd piece of fabric or some beads, buttons, trims – you name it. Although most of the things weren’t for me, this huge box of embroidery floss caught my eye. It was far more than I had hoped for and a label told me it was also possible to buy the complete box. Which I did. 🙂 Plus a small bag of square stone beads, some silk scraps and a large piece of turquoise cotton fabric.

The box contained a tangled mess of embroidery floss, mostly leftovers from different projects and presumably different brands. But there were also a bag of perle cotton, a hand dyed skein of silk cablé, two lengths of linen thread, cotton embroidery thread resembling Danish Blomstergarn, and some really ancient embroidery thread by DMC, still labelled Dollfus-Mieg & Cie., Mülhausen im Elsass (Mulhouse/Alsace).

Oh dear!

After two and a half weeks of untangling, sorting, comparing different shades of thread, trying to define colours, labelling, cutting cardboard ‘bobbins’ and winding the treads onto them, I now have three shoeboxes full of this –

That’s better!

Not everything fitted onto the bobbins, I was left with a little surplus –

But who am I to complain? 😉

I’ll explain more about my plans what to do with all this stuff in a future entry.

Aelfric of Sylvania

Commonly known as Bob the Faerie

From the forest continent of Sylvania on Aqua Marine, Aelfric aka Bob has found his way to The Boudoir, fluttering around from one space to another.

ECI code: H9, A15, F4; wings: A3 from round 9; button eyes (partly painted)

Endless space (almost)

The Boudoir has never been so tidy

The Boudoir now has even more space for storing things. I decided to take two of Mum’s bookshelves after a careful measuring. After my brother and SIL had brought them over to my place they talked me into taking the remaining two as well. While they were fetching them I did a quick emptying of the pink metal rack (back to the basement it went) and some panic cleaning of the corner.

A perfect fit. After all was complete I put the shelves in and began to fill them. If you had asked me beforehand, I wouldn’t have been taking a bet that everything fitted in there. But surprisingly there was even some space left (some of the baskets in the picture above act as placeholders). I have already made some changes, as there has been a substantial addition to the stash. More about that in a future entry.

The stuffies found a new home on top. I moved all the fabric boxes to the left side, as well as my design wall. (On the downside, my DT posters had to go, they got safely stowed.)

Can you spot the new guy?

Goodbye, Mum

Mum’s sewing box, made by my granddad

As things go, real life got in the way. Mum had been unwell for a while, nothing serious though, and passed away unexpectedly on May 1 at the age of 80.

So blogging had to step back for some time, as well as crafting. Slowly things are untangling again and I’m trying to find bits of time to introduce a couple of things that have been left on the list, in no particular order.

Mum’ sewing box, a basket of haberdashery and two button boxes found their way to The Boudoir, as well as her sewing machine and a lot of other things useful to me.

Paper beads – lots of them

Another long-term ‘keeping my hands busy while watching tv’ project was making paper beads. So far I have made 15,000 in white and 5,000 in various colours. My supply of cream strips lasted until I had 2,166 pieces.

A couple of ideas what to do with them but nothing special yet.

Socks galore

Between August 2018 and January 2019 knitting socks has become one of my ‘keeping my hands busy while watching tv’ projects. I ended up with 27 new pairs (I forgot to take a picture of # 27, they’re plain dark blue and were given to my mum).

With a total of 50 pairs to date, I’m still not fully through my stash – there were a few additional balls that fell into my shopping basket. Happens to me a lot. 😉 The next couple of designs from my booklet are on their way now.

Italia (from left to right: Cortina, Vulcano 1, Vulcano 2, Garda, Vulcano 3)

Trip around the world(s) (from left to right: Caribbean, Tierra del Fuego, Lapland, Discworld, Sahara)

Red & Grey (from left to right: Strawberry, Autumn Dreams, Autumn Sun, Agate, December)

From my design booklet (from left to right: Olivine 1, Olivine 2, Winter, Cubist 3, Petrol)

Tutti Frutti (from left to right: Papaya, Watermelon, Kiwi) (72 % cotton, 18 % polyamide, 10 % polyester)

Night & Day (from left to right: Night & Day 1, 2, and 3)