Squiddoo! – Ramon Ramirez de Agua y Marina

If you have spent a vacation scuba diving on Aqua Marine (Flippers Humboldt’s home planet), you have probably met this guy, also known to some divers as Billy the Squid. He loves swimming with them. Sometimes he’s playing practical jokes on them, like appearing out of nowhere, tapping the unsuspecting diver on the shoulder from behind and darting back into the blue, happily squeaking ‘Squiddoo!’. He also loves pulling faces directly in front of their masks. But his favorite trick is to catch the air bubbles in his mantle and releasing them again with odd noises. SQUIDDOO!

ECI  code: H5, six arms A6 for tentacles

Name: I used an acrylic yarn called Ramona, hence the name



I’m currently in sock knitting mode/mood – pair number two is being planned now that I know how much is left of each of the two different yarns I used for the first pair (the battery of my kitchen scales had died). More of that when pair #2 is finished.

And I bought a colouring book I liked, although not the one I wanted in the first place as they didn’t have it. The coloured pencils need to be very pointy to fill in the tiny pieces – after the first half I decided I needed a new pencil sharpener as my old one was driving me mad.

from ‘Mein phantastischer Ozean’ by Johanna Basford (original title ‘Lost Ocean’)

Citrus – UL 14

Next finished project in the UFO Lottery is Citrus.

I bought the fabrics together with a citrus print (below) but somehow it didn’t make it into the piece. There were several changes in the number of the blocks in one row and I ended up with seven in the short rows and eight in the long rows. I remember that I used up the light yellow fabric up to the last thread. Finished size is 65 x 78 cms. – A similar piece made only from the darker fabrics is Propeller, a piece from my first UFO Lottery list.

Vintage Glassware – Update 5

Two more goblets finished (without the backstitiching) –

The whole picture so far –

I’m working on the next two, hoping to get them finished soon. Then it’s only one more left to do (my favorite) plus the backstitiching on the last five goblets.

The Blind Spot (aka Seams Crooked) – UL 13

For the last three weeks I have been working on a couple of projects. Among others, I finished two more projects from the UFO Lottery. Here’s the first one, renamed The Blind Spot, formerly known as Seams Crooked (for a reason 😉 ).

After a first attempt to sew this together by machine I switched to EPP. I used a cotton fabric with  a soft overprint, cut it up and put it together again alternating the directions of the print and the colour gradation. As the contrast in the center is not as strong I renamed the piece The Blind Spot. Finished size is 56 x 56 cms, the squares are 1.7 cms/0.5 ” tall.

detail shot, showing overprint as well as the machine pieced crooked seams

Beyond The Garden Gate – Update 2

The wall and sunflower sections are finished with the backstitching still to happen –

That’s where I’m now –

I’ve already started the next part which is the flowers and greenery above the path in the center which will then be followed by the sky above it.

Status: fine

art quilt, detail

If you have missed me currently I just want to let you know I’m fine. I’m experiencing that strange thing again that I don’t find the words for new entries or comments.

But I have been working on lots of projects in the background. Two of the UFOs from the list are finished, there’s a new crochet alien on the way and I’m making excellent progress cross stitching the Garden Gate and Vintage Glassware projects. And a small art quilt is waiting for its binding.

The embroidery needles I ordered have arrived along with a new cross stitch kit, a small treat for beeing a good girl with my UFO finishing. The kit was a special offer, so I added it to my order, making good use of the postage & packing. 🙂

I’m working on the entries for all this stuff, hopefully being able to scrape together something soon.

Joining the hexies

Just started to join the first two rows for the Hexies blanket. It’s not the fun I expected and takes forever. I’m weaving in the ends as I go, at least this isn’t half as bad.

And from the back –