Cross Stitch Chaos

Lap 1 – Cat, dog, mouse?

Well, maybe. Or not. I’ll surprise myself.

After stitching the first colour in one of my cross stitch projects I had some islands on the fabric. Quite interesting, so I thought that I might try this without a pattern to follow.

Somehow this idea must have been walking around in my brain in search of an exit. I had a little scrap of 18 ct Aida lying around as well as some Danish Blomstergarn (flower thread) from the remnants box at the craft shop. Time to use it before all this stuff buries me.

This was my first original project for my former German blog ‘Sprottendeern’ (yes, that was me). The good thing about it was that I could make no mistakes as there was no pattern. There were no leftover pieces of floss as I stitched until the thread was used up.

This is what I had after the first round.

Now I need a name. Well, ‘meditative stitching’ is off the list. The amount of the thread tangling doesn’t allow for a meditative mood. Maybe ‘stitching and swearing’ would be more like it.

Lap 2 – A couple of fillers

This is part two of my creative cross stitch madness. I’ve filled a couple of gaps with a darker thread. Well, not actually filled, but set the course.

Lap 3 – Programming chaos

Until now, everything looked quite civilized. I’ve added a darker teal and left my traces. Looks like …

Lap 4 – Adding mess to chaos

If you think this was still too tidy – there’s help on the way. Now green is joining the match. And a slight chaos is forming, judging by the looks.

Lap 5 – Topsy-turvy, over and under

Like in real life.

Slowly space is getting scarce, so there’s some compromising. Anyway, the size is set. Shall I add purple? Better not. But maybe a black background?

Lap 6 – Slowly getting there

A couple of gaps to fill, but I’m slowly getting there.

Lap 7 – Horror vacui

Or, as they say: Never leave anything unstitched

And that’s why I have filled almost every gap. Maybe a couple of stitches more here or there could have been made, but I’m eager to start stitching the background.

Lap 8 – Not for the faint-hearted

My little chaos needs a background. I’m not feeling to go on an (unsuccessful, of course) hunt for Blomstergarn in my town, nor am I feeling like ordering two strands on the net and pay more for the postage than for the thread. So I combined the Blomstergarn with ordinary black Anchor floss from my well equipped stash, stitching with two threads. The world belongs to the brave!

Lap 9 – Done!

The cross stitch chaos is complete. As expected, I ran out of black floss on the home stretch and had to borrow some from another project.

Maybe I use this small panel for my book project (still in the planning stage).

3 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Chaos

  1. Aquatic camouflage, that’s what this is. It looks like a close up of part of the Great Barrier Reef, a brain coral or something. It’s madness, but most excellent madness, and I hope you’re feeling better now…


    • Or ripples on the water and seaweed. 🙂 Don’t tell anyone yet, but together with my brilliant designer, Dave the Muse, I have started the ‘Modern Art’ project. In the beginning, it feels a little strange stitching without a pattern, but I’m slowly getting used to it. More soon.


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