Cross Stitch

Vintage Glassware, 2017, altered version of a design by Marie Barber (Just Cross Stitch April 2017)

Thirteen things with wings, 2017 (design by De Selby, Butterfly Box, from Just Cross Stitch magazine June 2015)

Woodland Sampler, elements from Woodland Cottage by The Craft Collection, started 2016, finished 2017

Table band, blocks from unknown German craft magazine Lena, started 1999, finished 2016

Herbes, design by Permin of Copenhagen, 2016

Herbes, Permin of Copenhagen, 2016

Pumpkin, designer Angela Pullen Atherton, from Halloween 2016 Special Collector's Issue of Just Cross Stitch

Pumpkin, designer Angela Pullen Atherton, Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2016 Special Collector’s Issue, 2016

Nautilus, designed by Rozen Lucas for DMC, 2016

Nautilus, designer Rozen Lucas for DMC, 2016


Fern frond bookmark, Just Cross Stitch 06/15, designer Sharon Pope, started 2015, finished 2016


Southwest Beauties, Anna needlework magazine, 2015


Dora the little witch (bookmark), Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2015, designer Lois Winston, 2015


Once Upon A Time, Coats Mez 060 01 9317, designer Siegrun Boß-Kulbe, started 2014, finished 2015


Meet The Beetles, Rico Design Vol. 35, pattern #73017, 2014


Butterflies, Lena needlework magazine, started 1999, finished 2014


Impossible Figure, Permin of Copenhagen kit #70-9407, started 1996, finished 2014


Isfahan, original pattern, 1993

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