A new construction site

It’s been a little quiet around here lately. I didn’t have much to show you because I’m currently working on my master plan for 2018 (apart from finishing DWXS6 – just a couple of days now).

At the beginning of the month I decided to gather inspiration for new craft projects I’m going to work on during the next year (read: the next one hundred years 😉 ). So I’ve spread the first part of my hoarded press clippings on the floor, roughly sorted, to finally create a place to have them all together in one place.

Juggling with my scissors and the glue bottle, the first random pages have found their way into a ring binder.

Now how do I sort everything to find again what I have in mind? By colour, texture, shapes, subject, material, artist? Or intended projects? That’s the tricky part I’ll have to master yet.

Nevertheless, Dave the Muse is sporting a wide grin while he makes notes upon notes on every new page finished.


Swag bag

When I returned from my weekly visit to Mum’s a couple of days ago I brought back a swag bag full of goodies.

From Mum I got

  • a travel steam iron (which comes in handy for small projects)
  • a beauty glove (which I’m planning to use as a dry felting base – hope it works)
  • assorted gift ribbons
  • a bag with different cotton yarns (Why do I always seem to attract pink?)

From an unknown donor, a small bowl of useful things left in the staircase for whomever might want them, including

  • a plastic bag of buttons (already sorted and cleaned)
  • a latch hook
  • a crochet hook (5 mm)
  • three circular needles, 5 and 6 mm (80 cm/32″) and 3 mm (40 cm/16″)
  • a set of dpns (5 mm) plus two leftover dpns (3.5 mm)
  • some beige sockyarn and some gray acrylic yarn

Especially the needles are a welcome addition to my collection as I was lacking the 5 mm ones.

Status: fine

art quilt, detail

If you have missed me currently I just want to let you know I’m fine. I’m experiencing that strange thing again that I don’t find the words for new entries or comments.

But I have been working on lots of projects in the background. Two of the UFOs from the list are finished, there’s a new crochet alien on the way and I’m making excellent progress cross stitching the Garden Gate and Vintage Glassware projects. And a small art quilt is waiting for its binding.

The embroidery needles I ordered have arrived along with a new cross stitch kit, a small treat for beeing a good girl with my UFO finishing. The kit was a special offer, so I added it to my order, making good use of the postage & packing. 🙂

I’m working on the entries for all this stuff, hopefully being able to scrape together something soon.

Behind the scenes – July

Next week I haven’t got any appointments (yet …) so I have made a little list of projects I’m going to work on. But you know how funny life can be – wish me luck. 🙂

Currently I’m busy working on a couple of projects like the colour placement for the crochet Hexie blanket. It’s taking up most of the space of The Boudoir’s bedroom floor, so I’m stalking around like a stork over there. I’ve been sewing strips for Fiona’s Fall and joining a couple on Seams Crooked, as well as making some crochet parts for my first amigurumi doll and UL 8, preparing more reef residents, among others. The fabric strips from Kiel Week’s Spiellinie are washed and ironed. Plus some ideas for the UFO Lottery projects appeared. Hoping to have something to show at the beginning of August.


No Plans For 2016

First of all apologies for being a little absent from blogging and commenting recently.

A few things beyond my control kept me busy. And my day job is killing me. Not that I have too much to do, au contraire.  I’ve only got work to do for a small part of the day, which is horrible as I’m unable to do anything else during the time I wait for the next thing to do. Absolutely draining mentally and physically. I’m working on a solution.

But, back to the topic, no plans for 2016 doesn’t mean I don’t have any (in fact they kept multiplying for at least one year) but I’m not blogging about them because I failed last year in most parts, so I’m just letting things go easy this year. 🙂 I have chosen five main projects and created virtual project baskets instead of my old project list. I’ll work mainly on these projects, if one is finished another one will follow. Hope this works.

I’m also busy working behind the scenes of my blogs. Also, some surprise projects are on their way or in planning stage. All in good time.

But despite the distress in real life I still managed to finish some projects with a couple of them not blogged about. Maybe I can manage to slip in the odd post some time or another.

Last but not least I want to thank my followers and readers for just being there. You keep me going. ♥


Back After My Summer Break

Currently I’m working on the design for a new SAL project so I’m missing both August postings. You can find the links to the blogs of the other participants in my previous entry.

But I’m going to tell you a little bit about the things I did during my blogging break. I’ve finally finished my Rainbow Blanket, knit a pair of socks for my sister (a first in sock knitting), shortened the legs of my new jeans (a first in basic tailoring), finished two more projects from my UFO Lottery, continued knitting my Ten Stitch Twist (below, please visit project page for more), did some cross stitch on DWXS 2, visited the European Art Quilts VIII exhibition in Neumünster … I feel a couple of posts coming up.

Apart from that, I enjoyed our annual Kiel Week, got a new camera (a Sony which produced very odd colours so I returned it and got an Olympus instead) and shot loads of pictures testing it. I took a trip to Hamburg and visited Planten un Blomen (Plants and Flowers) which is a huge park area, something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Another item on my list was a boat trip on our local Schwentine river, the ‘Holsatian Amazon’ as I call it. Done. A couple of the pictures I took will appear on my photo blogs soon.



Storing Things

Last weekend, I’ve tried my best in getting things organized a little bit more at The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot as well as at The Boudoir which are sharing the same space. I’ve still got some cardboard boxes left, but it’s looking much better now. (Sorry for the poor quality of the shots, I had to take the pictures using artificial light.)

The new plastic bins on the left, already filled with goodies

My fabrics are stored in a drawer cabinet, three big plastic storage bins and lots of smaller containers. I’m keeping my scraps sorted by size in recycled food containers (potato salad, chocolates, ice cream, egg salad – to name but a few). Oh, and a rectangular bowl used by photographers for exposing their films has become a home for the bigger scraps.

The cabinet – half a cubic meter of fabrics inside

One of the drawers – yes, they’re are all filled to the rim

(and yes, that’s a Dalek)