Vitamins & Vodka

I don’t drink but I love these stalls with all the different bowls filled with colourful drinks and things anyway.

Joey’s first Kiel Week

Joey is watching the festivities, safely stowed in his mom’s pouch. So much to see, and maybe he can make friends with the other visitors from around the world.

Postcards from abroad – 1


Dear friends,
last week I spent half a day at Eckernförde, a city on the Eckernförde Bight on the west coast of the Baltic Sea. Eckernförde means acorn firth, they have a squirrel in their coat of arms.
I saw an exhibition by fretwork artist Peter F. Piening at the museum, visited a sweets manufactory and had a stroll around the beautiful old inner city and the harbour, where I took this picture of fishing gear.
See you next time