Embroidery – a summary

The recent entry about the found again embroidered flower pictures reminded me that there is more waiting.

This is one of several update posts that have been drafts for far too long. I’ll try to get them published as soon as I can. I’m still struggling to get the words that are in my mind down onto paper or screen.

Pot of flowers, tapestry stitch, made for Mum in 1999

Pot of tulips, cross stitch – originally intended for my former ‘Tulip Lover’ blog. I added the backstitching only recently, this will be used in some upcoming project (may take a while)

Connections, cross stitch, backstitching, now with some additional lines, to be used in a project I already have in mind

DWXS6 – UL 19

I still owed you DWXS6 (Doctor Who cross stitch project #6) which I finished a while ago but didn’t get to wash and take a picture of due to some other activities.

This is a kit by Serenity Designs. It came with 18 ct white Aida, needle and DMC threads. As I didn’t like the greenish threads in the first Serenity kit I stitched (DWXS2) I decided to replace two of the threads, DMC 642 by Anchor 392 and DMC 640 by Anchor 903.


Oops, I did it again

Two more victims – the last one only lasted a couple of hours. Total number of the new DMC needles shredded is now 5 (four #28 and one #26).

They always break at the very top as you can see below. Also, as I noted after enlarging the picture, they seem to have very rough eyes – no wonder my thread broke frequently. Not quite what I expect when I order stuff by such a well-known brand.

The good news is that I finished DWXS6 a couple of days ago. Still, no time to wash it yet because I was busy with my ‘book of ideas’ and other stuff (cross stitching a Christmas surprise, collecting inspiration, starting a full inventory of my craft supplies). Today I rearranged my book shelves and took out all of my VHS cassettes. Now I need to decide which ones to keep and what to do with the rest. Sigh.

The next UFO and needle issues

Next project in the UFO Lottery is DWXS6 (in full, Doctor Who Cross Stitch #6). There’s still a little work to be done, but it’s growing and the left half is finished now.

When I last worked on it in mid-April, I left it with this –

I picked it up a couple of days ago and now have this –

Doesn’t look like much, but it’s confetti stitching on 18 ct Aida.

I broke the needle that came with the kit and am now using one of my newly ordered ones. It’s a #28 DMC needle with a very narrow eye so I can hardly get it threaded (and I’m experiencing the same issue with the new #26 ones). I’ve tried both threaders I have, a little wire one and a metal one. Tricky. I’m expecting to break the needle every time I’m rethreading it. Do you have the same issues? What kind of brand of embroidery needles do you use?

Beyond The Garden Gate – UL 12

It’s washed and ironed and ready to post – Beyond The Garden Gate. 

I bought this kit many years ago together with a second one called Garden Gate.  The kit from The Craft Collection Ltd (75948) came with 14 ct white Aida and ample supplies of embroidery floss. The leftovers as well as what may be left from the second kit will go into a new project.

The UFO Lottery – First half done

I have just finished Beyond The Garden Gate – now it’s going to get washed and ironed. Here’s a little teaser –

I’m now almost halfway through the first round of my UFO Lottery with 15 finishes, 2 projects abandoned and 18 projects left to complete. The next ones are already drawn, I’m waiting for some inspiration.

Tree Frog

After finishing almost half of the WIPs and UFOs in the first round of my UFO Lottery, I thought I had earned myself a little reward. When I bought new embroidery needles recently I found a kit on sale and added it to my order to make good use of the postage. 😉

I’m stitching a Dimensions kit – Tree Frog Among Leaves (35251) and have made some progress so far. I love to stitch with all the fresh green colours, I think it will be finished quickly.

Vintage Glassware – UL 15

It’s finished! (click image for full size)

Stitched on black 16 ct Aida with Anchor and DMC threads, with added backstiching (not part of the original chart), reflections stitched in one strand of variegated thread and one in white
Design by Marie Barber from the April 2017 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine

Vintage Glassware – Update 5

Two more goblets finished (without the backstitiching) –

The whole picture so far –

I’m working on the next two, hoping to get them finished soon. Then it’s only one more left to do (my favorite) plus the backstitiching on the last five goblets.