This is not a proper tutorial, but shows how I made my notebooks during a little bookbinding workshop. As I didn’t take pictures of all the stages in the first place you’ll find different books in the making. 🙂

Supplies: two pieces of decorative paper, a strip of cardboard, two pieces of bookbinders board (or chipboard), a strip of coated fabric for the spine, also a blank book (prebound)

Tools: pencil, ruler, bone folder, scissors, bookbinders glue (or PVA glue), brush, damp cloth for wiping off excess glue

Mark line across the spine strip (in this case 1.5 cms) for reference. Fold the spine fabric in half lengthwise at both ends to mark the middle. Also mark the middle of the cardboard strip.

Turn over the cardboard strip, apply glue and glue down along the middle of spine, press down with bone folderbb01b

Apply glue to one side of the spine alongside the cardboard strip, mark where the board is going (here 0.7 cms) and glue board to spine, press with bone folder (always wipe off excess glue immediately), repeat with other side.bb02a

From the back, mark with bone folder along board and cardboard strip.bb02b

From inside, apply glue to top and bottom of spine, fold over and glue down. Press with bone folder, also along board on both sides.bb02c

Apply glue to outside of board, always working from the inside to the rim.bb03a

Glue down decorative paper at equal distance on both sides, slightly overlapping the spine and press with bone folder. Wipe off excess glue immediately.bb03bbb03c

Cut off the corners. Be careful to cut about 2 or 3 mms away from corner of board so the corners will be covered by the paper.bb03d

On both sidesof the cover, apply glue to paper, fold paper over and glue down. I started with the long sides. You can also start with the short sides but make sure you work the same way on both sides of the cover.bb04aDetail shot: the paper isn’t cut back to the very corner of the board. Fold the corners down with bone folder (or fingernail) to get a neat corner.

Apply glue to the remaining edges of paper, fold over and glue down.bb04bbb04c

Along markings, fold spine to the inside and press onto the table.bb05abb05b

Put block of pages into the cover and move around slightly until all sides are equalbb06a

Open first page and fold back (thanks to the lady next to me for helping out – I had may hands full with my camera)bb06b

Apply glue from the inside to the outside or you’ll glue the pages together (despite being careful, I had a little accident with the one shown here)bb06c

Turn book around and fold page open, finding the right distance from the rim of the coverbb06d

Close book and reopen, then press page with bone folderbb06ebb06f

Repeat with other sidebb07a

Press book for a couple of minutes (in a press or under something heavy)

bb08bOptional handmade rubber band closure