Joining the hexies

Just started to join the first two rows for the Hexies blanket. It’s not the fun I expected and takes forever. I’m weaving in the ends as I go, at least this isn’t half as bad.

And from the back –

Introducing ‘Beyond The Garden Gate’

Beyond The Garden Gate by The Craft Collection Ltd

My next UFO Lottery project is a kit from my stash bought more than fifteen years ago together with a similar one. I chose to start with this one because it had a simpler chart.

The pattern is called Beyond The Garden Gate (The Craft Collection Ltd, #75948) and it came with 14 ct white Aida.  It’s a slightly kitschy an idyllic garden scene, I liked it when I bought it and still do.

I’ve already finished the gatepost and the gate without the backstitching. After I started working on the path I noticed that I had miscounted by one row.  😒 I’ll have to work around that.

Above is what I start with. I’ve split the design into nine stitching sections plus the outlines with planned updates after two completed sections.


I still owed you the finish of UL 8 – it’s no fun using a 1.75 mm crochet hook, things seem to take forever. But now EHUX is finished.

Quite a while ago I visited the local Geological Museum and saw a picture of Emiliania huxleyi, EHUX to her friends. I wondered if it could be possible to make my own little sphere.

After some trial and error I had written my own pattern for the scales which still isn’t perfect and for this reason I’m not going to share it here. A painted styrofoam ball (10 cms/4 ” in diameter) provided the base for the first layer of scales (fifteen pieces), the second layer is made of ten pieces. My first idea was to sew the pieces together, but then I decided to glue them down.

A couple of process pictures –

The next project I’ve drawn is a cross stitch piece, Beyond The Garden Gate, which will also take a little longer to complete, so there will be other projects finished before that one. I’ll post a short introduction soon.

Unfinished Business (UL 11)

Another one from the UFO Lottery – this time it’s Unfinished Business.

In memory of
Jeff Healey
1966 – 2008

Back in the old days when I was still able to listen to music I was a big fan of the Jeff Healey Band. I went to a couple of their concerts in Germany and also saw them in Canada where I met them after a show, due to some serendipitous circumstances. But that’s a long (and personal) story.

Unfinished Business refers to the fact that Jeff Healey died at an age of only 41. That’s why I left the panel with uneven edges – unfinished.

When I learned he had died I started a piece based on the triangular shape of the guitar picks he used. This pattern is again one from the book Tilings And Patterns by Grünbaum/Shepherd, one of my favorite sources for patchwork patterns. It’s not the original layout I had in mind when I started it, I intended to add some embellishments like ribbons and beads but in the end went for a simple finish.

finished size 65 x 78 cms, cotton fabrics, buttonhole thread


Bildstörung (UL10)

Yesterday I did some preparation work for a couple of projects. This went faster than expected and I had some time left so I finished the next project in the UFO Lottery, Bildstörung, named after it’s resemblance of a broken down TV screen.

This was a group challenge, everyone was given the same fabrics. I never saw one of the other works, I doubt there were any finishes as the group disbanded shortly after that. I didn’t know what to do with the fabrics so I went for the above design. Or, more likely, Dave did. Not one of his best, as he admitted himself – read more here. 😉

machine embroidery detail

After some thinking of cutting the panel apart for something completely different I decided to just sew on the binding regardless of the actual edges that were totally bent. Then I cut back the excess fabric. The backing is made from the same batik fabric as the binding which I have also used in finishing Plan B.

Finished size 59 x 31 cms, English paper piecing, machine embroidery

William ‘Flippers’ Humboldt

When he found out his parents named him after the elder brother of the great explorer Alexander von Humboldt, Wilhelm, ‘Flippers’ wanted to become an explorer too. Although he didn’t know what the word meant back then he liked it.

Many years later, after travelling the endless oceans on his home planet of Aqua Marine for more than twenty years and meeting all kinds of marine life forms, Flippers decided to learn more about other worlds and went on a journey to far away planets. On Sol 3 he discovered some strange and exotic species of birds called ‘penguins’ that looked similar to his own kind, if only distantly. One of the species was even called Humboldt. And although they were regarded flightless they could still fly – under water.

Flippers with his new friend Joe – not a Humboldt, but at least a penguin

Flippers and Dave the Muse

ECI code: H13 (horn used as beak), H5 (start in black, rnds 1 & 2 in white), A3, F6, head/body in black until rnd 20, rnds 21 to end in white

Martin ‘The Martian’ McIntyre

Dear readers, please welcome  Martin ‘The Martian’ McIntyre, reporter for The Meteorite News, covering Sol 3 (aka Earth) and neighboring planets.

Some time ago one of his articles appeared at my old blog The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot  which is now part of Beyond The Boudoir. It seems he’s gonna stay with me for a while – I only hope he doesn’t use my WLAN to connect to the intergalacticnet, the bill would surely be astronomical.

Hey, that’s one of mine!

Made from some leftover DK acrylic yarn from my Rainbow blanket, using a 3 mm hook.

The book Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord offers great design options for an endless number of monsters (I’d rather prefer aliens, they’re so friendly). And I’ve got a feeling that some of the parts will make great corals and other reef dwellers as well. 😉

Although I followed the chart  for the arms down to the last comma they turned out a little different than pictured in the book. They’re not flat with the fingers all in a row but triangular. Because of that I decided to omit the thumbs. I got stuck as I had planned to make similar feet (F21, same as A22). When I picked my little alien up again yesterday I decided to go for a different pair of feet (A2) instead.

If you want to crochet your own, Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium (ECI) code is H:10, A:22, F:2. (Note: A22 chart says 4 rounds for the ‘thumb’ instead of 8 as pictured.)


Wispy-waspy paper

wasp paper

As predicted, real life has got other plans for me this week. Yesterday morning a couple of workers put up a scaffold in front of my loggia for repair work. Quite a surprise because my landlord hadn’t informed me, although I knew this was coming.

One side of the loggia has a small compartment in which I store a table, flower pots and other stuff. I cleared this compartment today taking advantage of the nice weather (despite the forecast) as it has to be done before work will start, whenever this may be.

In a remote corner I found a wasp nest stuck to a pile of biodegradable pots. This one must have been there for a while because when I noticed they like this dry place I was taking care not to have them there. One year they had found a way from under the roof into my living room. Not funny.

The nest I found today was slightly smaller than a tennis ball. I thought of using the paper in a small collage but it was so brittle and delicate that it disintegrated at the slightest touch. But I  managed to get it off the pots and take a couple of pictures.

Stone Rose (UL 9)

While I’m still busy making the parts for the eight project in the UFO Lottery, I’ve already drawn the next project, Stone Rose.

This picture of the finished pieces I have so far was taken some time ago.

When I put them back up again, I had a little problem. The excact same pieces came together like this –

A detail shot –

I have no idea why the pieces don’t fit together anymore. There are also some very short seams of only 1 or 2 mm. Due to my health issues I’m currently feeling unable to baste and sew such things so I’ve decided to abandon this project, at least for now. Maybe I’ll return to this one in the future.