Jule50+ year old German female who loves playing with anything textile, taking photographs, making art. Supported by Dave the Muse, her creative director.


A word or two on copyright
The things I’m sharing with you on these pages are copyrighted. They’re for your private and personal use only. It’s okay if you copy to your own harddrive. You may also post a link to my pages on your blog or site, but within WordPress only. If you used one of my patterns for a project that you would like to post on your blog, please ask me first for permission. On your site you must always quote the source of the pattern.
Everything else is strictly prohibited. This includes posting my pictures without my consent and pinning to public pinboards or links posted on any social platform. Items made from my patterns must not be sold, especially not in any internet shop.
If in doubt, it’s always a good idea to contact me first.
Also, this article is worth reading.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I get annoyed when people put my photographs on Pinterest without my permission but when I posted about this I got lots of comments from people who didn’t understand the copyright position and were in no way going to be moved from their opinion that it was okay. However having researched the matter myself it does appear that when it comes to patterns the only thing that can be copyrighted is the actual way they are written out. And selling things made from a pattern is not illegal even if the person who created the pattern does not want that to happen. I am now selling many of my patterns because it at least gives me some sense of control.
    Your work is quite fascinating.


    • Welcome to my blog! I’m on Pinterest myself, but mainly to report people who violate my copyright which happens every now and then. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that creating things takes time and effort. I’m aware of the fact that copyright laws differ from country to country but people should respect the maker’s wish if it says ‘don’t’ on the tin. I do and I expect others to do the same. Maybe I’m old fashioned. 😉

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    • Hello Lene, the beetle patterns (# 73107) were published in a German cross stitch booklet called Pflanzen, Früchte & Tiere (Woodland and garden life/La nature de nos jardins/Vruchten, planten en vlinders), Rico Design Vol. 35, by Michael Lindner, Ingeburg Dietz & Christel John (ISBN 3-933554-39-X), many years ago. I think it’s out of print by now.


      • Hello Jule
        Thank you very much for your answer. I will try to get the booklet through my local library. Your work is very beatuiful and inspiring. Do you know if the booklet is for sale anywhere?

        Lene Søgaard, Denmark


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