Not quite square

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned. After testing the pattern from Patchwork Professional and thinking of alternative cuts, I pulled out some of my precious Lonni Rossi designed fabrics and went to work. I got this –

Alas, all of the squares became a little ‘unsquare’. They’re even different sizes despite the same number of strips.

So the quilt isn’t going to be.

I’ll have to think about something else. Cushion covers, perhaps? No one is going to notice they’re not square once they sit on the sofa. 😀

Cuts: | |

Cuts: ) (

Cuts: / \

Cuts: < >

I found solace in starting a hand sewing project. My sister insisted on suggested a Christmas door hanging with Christmas tree, candles, baubles, presents beneath. The ultimate kitsch. (Un)fortunately I don’t have any green Christmas fabrics. So it’s going to be a blue baubles abstract. More soon.

7 thoughts on “Not quite square

  1. Before you abandon the quilt idea altogether, a suggestion: If you sandwich and baste these individual quarters, you could use the quilting density to correct some of the irregularity. If a piece is wider at the left than the right, quilt lines closer together on that side, opening the lines out as you progress towards the other side. I’ve found it works quite well on ‘unsquare’ blocks. It does mean the quilting is asymmetrical and subordinate to the design, but it might salvage your original idea.


  2. Wow, these look fantastic! If they’re a bit uneven, why not just not line them up in neat rows, but use a background colour (I think I’d go for black or almost black) and let them tumble around? That said, these would also work well as separate wall hangings.


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