A very special bargain

I mentioned a substantial addition to my stash – well, here it is –

A couple of weeks ago there was an ad in the local newspaper – the sewing café was going to move to another location and there was a fleamarket to be held at their old place. Yeah!

I was hoping for some embroidery floss, maybe the odd piece of fabric or some beads, buttons, trims – you name it. Although most of the things weren’t for me, this huge box of embroidery floss caught my eye. It was far more than I had hoped for and a label told me it was also possible to buy the complete box. Which I did. 🙂 Plus a small bag of square stone beads, some silk scraps and a large piece of turquoise cotton fabric.

The box contained a tangled mess of embroidery floss, mostly leftovers from different projects and presumably different brands. But there were also a bag of perle cotton, a hand dyed skein of silk cablé, two lengths of linen thread, cotton embroidery thread resembling Danish Blomstergarn, and some really ancient embroidery thread by DMC, still labelled Dollfus-Mieg & Cie., Mülhausen im Elsass (Mulhouse/Alsace).

Oh dear!

After two and a half weeks of untangling, sorting, comparing different shades of thread, trying to define colours, labelling, cutting cardboard ‘bobbins’ and winding the treads onto them, I now have three shoeboxes full of this –

That’s better!

Not everything fitted onto the bobbins, I was left with a little surplus –

But who am I to complain? 😉

I’ll explain more about my plans what to do with all this stuff in a future entry.

9 thoughts on “A very special bargain

  1. Good lord, your patience is extraordinary! But I suppose if you have big plans for that lot the time you spent untangling is a good investment. They do look lovely all sorted and neatly arranged.


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