Goodbye, Mum

Mum’s sewing box, made by my granddad

As things go, real life got in the way. Mum had been unwell for a while, nothing serious though, and passed away unexpectedly on May 1 at the age of 80.

So blogging had to step back for some time, as well as crafting. Slowly things are untangling again and I’m trying to find bits of time to introduce a couple of things that have been left on the list, in no particular order.

Mum’ sewing box, a basket of haberdashery and two button boxes found their way to The Boudoir, as well as her sewing machine and a lot of other things useful to me.

10 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mum

  1. So sorry to hear you lost your Mum. What a lovely thing to inherit that wonderful sewing box, all so neat and tidy too, and with extra special memories of Dad too. Don’t rush things will sort themselves out in due course and you need time to grieve and come to terms with your loss Jules. xx


  2. Jule, I am so sorry. It’s always too soon to lose a mother, something I discovered in my early 20s. Sometimes the things you inherit are a comfort, and sometimes they are painful. I’m glad your mother’s sewing things are bringing you some comfort, and, I hope, some good memories.


  3. Jule, I am so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing! It is a hard thing, so do give yourself the time and freedom to grieve. I’m glad you have the sewing box, may it give you comfort now, and spark lovely memories in the future. Thinking of you and sending hugs.


  4. Oh no, I am so sorry. May your memories of her be a source for joy, creativity and comfort. Do take your time, grieving is a funny process that at times may seem like it goes backwards. Blessed be.


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