Socks galore

Between August 2018 and January 2019 knitting socks has become one of my ‘keeping my hands busy while watching tv’ projects. I ended up with 27 new pairs (I forgot to take a picture of # 27, they’re plain dark blue and were given to my mum).

With a total of 50 pairs to date, I’m still not fully through my stash – there were a few additional balls that fell into my shopping basket. Happens to me a lot. 😉 The next couple of designs from my booklet are on their way now.

Italia (from left to right: Cortina, Vulcano 1, Vulcano 2, Garda, Vulcano 3)

Trip around the world(s) (from left to right: Caribbean, Tierra del Fuego, Lapland, Discworld, Sahara)

Red & Grey (from left to right: Strawberry, Autumn Dreams, Autumn Sun, Agate, December)

From my design booklet (from left to right: Olivine 1, Olivine 2, Winter, Cubist 3, Petrol)

Tutti Frutti (from left to right: Papaya, Watermelon, Kiwi) (72 % cotton, 18 % polyamide, 10 % polyester)

Night & Day (from left to right: Night & Day 1, 2, and 3)

9 thoughts on “Socks galore

  1. I’m impressed! My last pair of socks was knitted 18 years ago, for my then two years old daughter. Or … wait, I knitted a grown up pair some 12-13 years ago. Still, might be time to have another go?


  2. You definitely like to keep your hands busy while watching tv! So many colors too, do you look at yarn and wonder how it will pattern knitting a sock, and that determines whether it jumps into your shopping bag?😉 Looking at these just makes me happy!


    • Most of the balls have a small sample picture on it so I don’t have to wonder too much. 🙂 If I had my way, I’d buy one ball of each and every colour. Fotunately, my funds are limited. 🙂

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  3. They’re all gorgeous, but my absolute favourite pair is Vulcano 2, closely followed by Night and Day 2. Lovely to see them all en masse like this; I can only imagine the party that happens in your shoes every day 🙂

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