A sign of life

You may have noticed I haven’t published anything since July. In my last post I told you I’d make the Art Lab my main blog. Well, I changed that back after a few days. Too complicated for my old little brain to switch between two blogs.

For quite a while I have been experiencing increasing problems concerning writing and reading. To put down the words I have in mind in writing has become an awfully big challenge. No idea where this comes from – nobody seems to know what I’m talking about. The gp will get me another appointment at the neurologist’s as soon as possible. Apart from that I’m suffering from general exhaustion and lack of concentration. I’ll be seeing a specialist soon about that, hoping he can find out what’s causing this. Blood test results have all been within the normal ranges so far.

Also, I took more efforts on getting rid of things that I have collected during the last two or three decades. This is a very slow process, of course, but I’ve already made visible progress.

And what did I do craft-wise? When I felt like it, I worked on a couple of old things and tested new (for me) techniques. Some small projects got their finishing touches and because I couldn’t find what I needed, I spent about three and a half months researching and drawing my own 2019 planner/journal/diary thing. More socks and paper beads galore – I’ll try to post about everything soon, although with less words than usual, I’m afraid.


14 thoughts on “A sign of life

  1. Its lovely to see you back with us Jules. This could be a swings and roundabout effect. Worry can cause lack of concentration and the ability to think straight. Unfortunately then you worry as to why you are feeling like this and so on round and round. I know its very hard but do try not to worry about it just in case this is actually making it worse.

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  2. Fingers crossed you get some answers soon. In the mean time I’d like to recommend Dr. Terry Wahls and her book The Wahls Protocol. It has helped me loads, my thinking is clearer, there’s less brain fog, I’m actually able to grasp concepts and I have more energy. I have MS, and really hope you don’t, but I’ve heard non-MSers also finding great effect. Worth a try? It’s an easy read, she had a great ghost writer and editor, and there’s also a really good cookbook.


            • Oops? That’s interesting, as constipation is something I know all too well. I never thought of linking it to excess fiber though. Otoh those “fruit and fiber” cubes that are supposed to work wonders do not help at all, far from it. I take an herbal supplement at night which keeps my bowels moving, without it I am totally lost.
              Have you ever done a stool test to check for dysbiosis? I am considering doing the ubiome stool sequencing to see what kind of madhouse I’m carrying around and perhaps find ways to improve it.


            • A pear a day keeps it all moving. 🙂 I’ve had no check for dysbiosis yet. As some of my symptoms fit I’ll be asking the doc about it next week. My gp and therapists always assumed a somatic symptom disorder, which I doubt. My other guess is a metabolic disorder. We’ll see.

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            • Fingers crossed for you! I hope you get some results that give you something to work with. It’s hard to find health when you have to search blindfolded. Do tell us what you discover, I’m always interested in people’s health journeys. Probably because my own is so weird…


  3. Could you modify it in some way? We’re all different and have different intestinal flora, but that flora can be changed through how we eat.
    I don’t manage to eat all she suggests I should, but I have managed to turn my body over to using fat as fuel and stay in (nutritional) ketosis pretty much all the time. I just imagine you could use the guidelines and just steer clear of the very fiber rich parts?


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