From the Magic Garden of Wonders, this year’s motto at Kiel Week’s Spiellinie

It’s been a little quiet again around here lately. Real life sometimes isn’t the fun you’d expect it to be.

At the beginning of May I suddenly started to have issues with my feet. Out of the blue I woke up one morning with an aching foot. As I could hardly walk anymore I saw the orthopedist who decided I had just overstrained my foot. Can’t be, and no, I didn’t change from sturdy winter boots to thin summer shoes, I don’t own such things. But he’s the expert, right? So it was painkillers and feet up, but it wasn’t long until the other foot started to ache as well.

All my best wishes and two thumbs up 👍 👍 to everyone who had or still have their own issues – feet and knees and viruses and the like. I would have loved to comment on everyone’s blog but was unable to.

Of course, Kiel Week took place without me this year, so no pictures except the one above which I took on Friday on a little detour on my way home from an appointment.

At least, all this fuss gave me enough time on my back to knit. I’m now one sock short of the next finished half dozen pairs.

And finally, after quite a while has passed since I applied for it, I’ll be getting help with my real life issues (health, money, work and general chaos). I’m counting on you, Mr. X!

Currently I’m in the middle of re-organizing my craft projects. I’ve put those out of my sight that lack ideas or material. The ones left plus some fresh ideas are now in a new lottery which will be starting soon. Right now I’m working on bits and pieces, finishing this and that but have nothing to show you yet.

The Art Lab will be freed from layers of dust and will become my main blog from July on. There are a lot of things on my list I want to try out, things that are different to what I have been working on so far. Of course, I’ll continue to blog on The Boudoir as well, albeit less frequently on both blogs for a while.

A word on spam comments: I love to read your comments – except the ones from someone who puts a What? under each and every comment from my readers, unaware of the fact hat Akismet is blocking this spam anyway. For a while though, I’ve limited the time you can leave your comment to only a couple of days, so hurry. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Onwards

  1. I have never understood what is to be gained by silly people adding stupid comments to things – guess they just have little minds and are easily amused. Sorry to hear you have health issues, they are no fun as I well know. You just have to stick on a smile and try to get on with life (lol and keep downing the pain killers) x


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re still with us, although I’m very sorry your feet are suffering. You are not alone with the spam ‘What?’; I am currently deleting about 20 a day from my spam folder. They have discovered Comments as a spam back door, hoping Aksimet will let them through and some poor fool will click on it. From what I read, WP is aware of it and working on a solution. Will you give your followers advance notice when you switch over to Art Lab?


    • I will post on both blogs, so my followers won’t miss anything but will be getting a surplus. The Boudoir will get the usual stuff, my humble attempts of making art will go to the Art Lab. I’ll just change the settings to the Art Lab being my main blog and have linked them in the header menues already. – I noticed they do the What? spam on older posts so I have limited the time for comments. Obviously they’re searching the whole blog, judging by the activity shown by the stats.


    • My feet are a little better already but it’s a very slow process of healing. – I’ve had no new ‘What?’ spam since I limited the time for comments a couple of days ago, I had noticed they were spamming only on older comments.

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