Sockyarn Destash – Pt. 2

More work for my handmade cardboard model foot. 🙂

At first I was a little reluctant about wearing hand-knit socks as I didn’t like the touch of sockyarn. But this has changed and I can’t get enough of the wonderful colours they sell nowadays.

As I can’t wear them all I’m going to put some away for my sister to choose from in case she needs a new pair or maybe, just maybe, to sell the odd pair. I’m not sure about that yet.

There’s also been a new Socks page added to the Gallery in the sidebar.

Another half dozen from the Spring 2018 destash – as usual, I’ve given brand, yarn and colour number, although it’s quite unlikely you’ll find them to make your own pair, most of them were bargains.

Working on the Summer 2018 collection already with more beautiful colours to come.

H&W, Comfort Sockenwolle uni, # 201.192 (ivory)
Gründl, Hot Socks Madeira, # 007 (emerald/magenta)

Soap Bubbles
H&W, Comfort Sockenwolle uni, # 201.192 (ivory)
Gründl, Hot Socks Madeira, # 001 (rainbow)

Any Colour
Pro Lana Meine Wolle, # 401 (white)
Gründl, Hot Socks Fresco, # 05 (multi)

I’m in a very berry mood
H&W, Comfort Sockenwolle uni, # 203.111 (mustard)
Regia Mood Color, # 04992 (purple)

Spring Forest
H&W, Comfort Sockenwolle uni, # 203.111 (charcoal)
Gründl, Hot Socks Madeira, # 002 (green multi)

Granite & Lava
H&W, Comfort Sockenwolle uni, # 203.118 (rust)
H&W, Comfort Sockenwolle color, # 1117b.06 (granite)
Lang, Super Soxx Jubilee Denim, # 630.0424 (lava)

13 thoughts on “Sockyarn Destash – Pt. 2

  1. If I lived in a climate where socks were worn, and where the postage wouldn’t be ridiculously expensive, I’d willingly buy all the pairs you have shown. Failing that, I shall have to admire them and sigh wistfully…. My favourites are Granite and Lava, and Soap Bubbles.


    • It’s hard to capture the real colours in the photos, most of the socks look rather different. Whish you could see the real Soap Bubbles socks, they’re like a rainbow. 🌈


  2. Der unterste gefällt mir am besten, Jule, aber eine tolle Arbeit. Ich kann keine Strümpfe stricken. Schönen Tag noch, liebe Grüße Mitza


    • Ich hatte auch bis vor einiger Zeit keine Ahnung, wie das geht, habe mich dann durch eine mitgelieferte Anleitung gewühlt und kann das jetzt schon auswendig. Ist gar nicht so schwierig. Liebe Grüße, Jule

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  3. I’ve found my sock knitting bug again. Three pairs in two weeks! You’re right about the wool. It’s so addictive! Love all your socks so far and looking forward to more. I’ll eventually get around to sharing my new ones on the blog.


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