Clueless through time and space

It’s been a little quiet around here for a while. Real life has been so demanding that I was hardly able to stand upright most of the days, let alone to do some blogging. Lots of trouble with my new phone and internet provider led to more trouble with the old one. My freezer broke, the new one didn’t work properly and had to be replaced again. A couple of repairs in my flat followed. Healthwise, there were a lot of pit stops and I still have got no concrete results yet. I contacted  every local authority I could think of for help and assistance, without much success either. Maybe I’ll get the first appointments in a few weeks. Add to that weekly appointments to help me with finding a new job as well as stress management at the ergo therapist (believe it or not, I’m currently in a state that I’m getting stressed by the relaxation exercises). You may also have noticed I closed this blog temporarily – someone had put my stuff onto Twitter, I couldn’t deal with that for sheer exhaustion.

Of course I wasn’t able to do much crafting, just some brainless knitting – a few pairs of socks got finished. I’ve added a litte gallery to the sidebar (scroll down) and will post about them properly in the future.

To cheer me up a little, I got myself a new flatmate – meet Nils, the Merry Master of Slothy Slowness.

13 thoughts on “Clueless through time and space

  1. Good grief, no wonder you were exhausted. I send you best wishes for a good resolution to your problems… Nils seems like a cheerful, cuddly sort of person, and I hope he’s a comforting companion.
    My favourite and very simple exercise when I’m getting super stressed is ‘box breathing’: inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4 and wait for a count of 4, then start again. The act of counting helps to distract the brain from stressing about other matters, and slows your breathing and heart-rate. It helps me too when I have insomnia.


    • Nils makes me laugh each time I look at him. 🙂 I’ve got a little breathing routine before falling asleep, it’s very helpful. My ergo therapist has made me do a couple of relaxation exercises but I still need to find one that suits me. Time will tell. – Hope your knee will be as good as a new one soon.


    • Nee, so wirklich Spaß habe ich gerade nicht, habe den ganzen Vormittag schon mal wieder herumtelefoniert. Gut, daß Nils so eine kleine Frohnatur ist. 🙂 Liebe Grüße, Jule

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