Meet the Günnis (2)

Here come the rest of the gang. I wish I had more time to knit everyone from my long list into life.

Pankratz and Öko-Günni (Green Günni)

Monsieur Maurice and Günther vom Poggendorpe (Gunther of Frogtown)

Karl-Heinz Günthersen and Jule (aka SuperKnitter 😉 )

And last but not least, pictured at the First International Günni Meeting,

Jonas and Zachariah Aqvataq and the Elk Family (Black Elk, White Deer and Little Elk)

Alas, I’ve got no picture of the original “Günter” and his girlfriend, they got lost along the way as well as Ali ibn Abu al-Arab who was last seen trying to cross the Arabian desert on camelback.


10 thoughts on “Meet the Günnis (2)

    • In Low German, Dorpe is the old word for town, the modern one is Dörp. Pogg means frog. The part of town I live in is sometimes called Poggendörp by the older folks, there’s also a street called Poggendörper Weg (way) nearby, so that’s what the fearless knight Gunther got his name from. 🙂

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        • I’m not sure where the name comes from but there is a bog nearby and lots of small boggy patches all over the place. Sometimes I can hear frogs croaking. – The word pogg is also used in poggüüts or üütspogg (also üüts or üütsch), meaning toad. Which leads me to an expression for a mushroom – toadstool in English, poggenstohl in Low German.

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