My humble scribblings (1)

Here are some of my – admittedly – older drawings of which only a few are left. I was still at school when I drew them. During the last thirty-something years, I haven’t been drawing much but have been sewing patchwork instead. But drawing was how it all started.

Until about two years ago, I have been working as a lawyer’s secretary. I had wanted to become a cabinetmaker in the first place, but way back then it was hardly possible for girls. Believe it or not, most times it was just because of the lack of ladies’ toilets (that’s German bureaucracy for you). Back in school I loved art class and I also have been drawing much in my spare time. At the beginning of the 1980s drawing was gradually replaced by sewing.

mkatzeX-ray cat

Feathered serpent

On the beach


10 thoughts on “My humble scribblings (1)

  1. Nice! I particularly love the cat. It’s an interesting question: why do we stop drawing? For me it was dropping out of design school and into hospital with a galloping optic neuritis that did it. It’s been a wild struggle to reignite that passion. I haven’t given up hope though. It must be possible to bring it back. I can relate to your education wishes. I wasn’t stopped by lack of loos, I was stopped by too good grades. I had too good grades for vocational school, so I was firmly told that it would be a waste of talent if I didn’t aim for higher education. It’s a rather ridiculous attitude.


    • Eigentlich war die Handwerksausbildung als Grundlage dafür gedacht, Innenarchitektur zu studieren, weil ich kein Abitur habe. Tja, sollte wohl damals nicht sein und wer weiß, wo ich da gelandet wäre. Liebe Grüße, Jule


      • Ich hatte auch erst nur die Mittlere Reife auf dem Gymnasium gemacht und bin dann nochmal zur Schule gegangen, habe Fachabi gemacht, um Kunst studieren zu können, weil das immer mein Wunsch war. Lg Mitza

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  2. I love your dormouse he just looks so full of mischief and character. I have always wished to be artistic. I work this out through my crafting but to be able to put on paper what you see is to me the ultimate talent. Please try and get back into it as it would be a great shame to waste a God given talent like that.


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