Scarves by the baker’s dozen (13) – 504 King West (UL 22)

Two birds with one stone – a finished triangular scarf from the UFO Lottery’s second round. This is the last scarf I’m bothering you with. 🙂

Knit with 3 mm needles following a pattern I found on Ravelry, great for using up those leftover yarns from other projects. This one was almost finished except for the pistacchio border. I wanted to use a contrasting yarn but didn’t have anything in my stash I could use. Until I knit the socks for my sister.

Very bad lighting conditions yesterday noon, so I had to use a flash. Blue wooden hanger hand painted by me.

Yarns used:
– Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash in red/orange/rust (#84.0063), 25 grams
– Pro Lana Meine Wolle Pro Socks Smaragd in cream/beige/gray (#161), 49 grams (I doubt if it was the proper band the ball came with – ‘Smaragd’ meaning ’emerald’ in English)
– H&W Comfort Sockenwolle uni in pistacchio green (#203.128), a scrap


4 thoughts on “Scarves by the baker’s dozen (13) – 504 King West (UL 22)

    • It looks a little odd on the hanger, but it was too long to get a proper picture on the floor and George got tangled in it. 😉

    • Man kann das Ding ja auch noch in mehr als 2 – 3 Farben stricken, Ă€hnliche Modelle kursieren zahlreich im Netz. Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe, Jule

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