Scarves by the dozen (7) – Times Square

Times Square was knit using this pattern by Nicole Nehrig (Ravelry free download) as a guide with two balls of Gründl Hot Socks New York (#86), alternating after two rows.

Detail shots of front (left) and back (right)

I do admit I don’t like the result as much as I thought I would. My first test sample with the yarns I later used in the Caterpillar scarf was more promising. Maybe because the sample was knit in the round which gives a slightly different result.

This is one of the balls I used. The red looks a little like tomato in the shot but it’s actually more a cherry red (see first picture above).

The leftovers went into a ripple blanket for my little friend Pauli ❤️


5 thoughts on “Scarves by the dozen (7) – Times Square

  1. How is it that ALL the yarn you use is gorgeous?! Everytime you post something the first thing I think is oh. I love those colours!


    • Every yarn is carefully chosen. 😉 Often I go back to the shop two or three times before I finally buy the yarn I like. This particular yarn came as a set of two different yarns in one bag and I had to apply my best bag opening skills to get two identical balls in one bag. 😀

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