Scarves by the dozen (5) – Caterpillar

Next in the series is my Caterpillar loop scarf, knit by alternating six rows of knit/purl with six rows of purl/knit and two contrasting colours. I’ve joined both ends to make a loop. In the picture, the scarf is folded in half.

The scarf can be worn from both sides, either with the gray purl rows to the front, like this

or the coloured purl rows to the front, like this

Before blocking, it looked a little like caterpillars to me, hence the name.

The coloured yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit ‘Rocky’ (#3112) and the gray one is Gründl Hot Socks ‘Casablanca’ (#54), 60 grams each, needles 2.5 mm.

I’ve noticed this series has become a little like an Advent calendar with a new door opening each day. 🙂 So, why not continue until Christmas? I’ve got twelve scarves, that’s half the rent, as we say in German. I’m sure I’ll find enough stuff to blog about to make it a proper number. 🎄

By the way, I’ve updated my UFO Lottery page and added projects 36 to 70 as I’ve already started working on some of them. A little cheating done, though, as I haven’t actually drawn them from the box of tickets. 😇

7 thoughts on “Scarves by the dozen (5) – Caterpillar

        • Ich habe allerdings auch schon überlegt, ob ich etwas zum Verkaufen z. B. nähe, dann wäre es auch kein Problem für mich. Bei der Menge, die ich an Material horte, muß ich das wohl zwangsläufig irgendwann mal machen, das kann ich nicht alles behalten. Schaun ‘mer mal. 🙂


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