Scarves by the dozen (4) – Jewels

After a totally mad day just a quick one today. My first Wingspan, made from one ball Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash (#84.0079), 100 grams, needles 2.5 mm.


11 thoughts on “Scarves by the dozen (4) – Jewels

  1. I love this one – is it difficult to knit? and is it a free pattern please.
    You are certainly going to be warm this winter with all these beautiful scarves you have been making.

    Helen x


    • It’s the same pattern I used in my ‘Mangoes In Slices’ scarf and it’s very easy to knit, just short rows in garter stitch. Alas, it’s no longer free. If you click onto the red Wingspan link above you’ll find some colourful examples.


      • For me, it’s not the actual process (I can produce a perfectly respectable square of stocking stitch), it’s the pattern-following that’s the problem. I simply cannot keep track of where I am and how many stitches I’ve done or need to do 😦

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