Behind the scenes

The behind the scenes work continues.

A basket with finished scarves I never washed and blocked or blogged about properly is being given the treatment, one at a time as blocking space is limited (my second Wingspan scarf shown above). Five washed, seven to go. Watch this space. 😉

Most of my precious home-recorded VHS tapes have made space for books. Some will go without being watched again, some will at least be partly watched and a small part will stay, as long as the hardware lasts. Not sure what I’ll do with the tapes then. You can’t even donate them, nobody wants them anymore. The best thing I found in the depths of the internet was glueing them together to make small pieces of furniture. Hm.

The craft inventory list and the list of possible projects are growing profusely and I’m looking into an abyss there. Again. 🙄 Still, I’ll put together some kits with the material needed for new projects which I’m planning to start next year.

But before that the UFO Lottery will have my attention until the end of the year. A couple of projects will take some time to finish and some will only require little time and effort. These are the ones I’ll finish first so the list will become shorter, including things from the intended second round of draws (nos. 36 to 70, with a current total of 103 😀 ).



5 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

  1. Oh, the colours in that scarf are beautiful. I’m so glad you’ve unearthed them and will be showing them. And I’m also glad that WP is behaving itself again, so that I could read this post 🙂


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