Oops, I did it again

Two more victims – the last one only lasted a couple of hours. Total number of the new DMC needles shredded is now 5 (four #28 and one #26).

They always break at the very top as you can see below. Also, as I noted after enlarging the picture, they seem to have very rough eyes – no wonder my thread broke frequently. Not quite what I expect when I order stuff by such a well-known brand.

The good news is that I finished DWXS6 a couple of days ago. Still, no time to wash it yet because I was busy with my ‘book of ideas’ and other stuff (cross stitching a Christmas surprise, collecting inspiration, starting a full inventory of my craft supplies). Today I rearranged my book shelves and took out all of my VHS cassettes. Now I need to decide which ones to keep and what to do with the rest. Sigh.

11 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again

    • I think I could have returned them, but I’ve already binned them. They weren’t too expensive anyway. I’ve been looking for another brand online but in most cases the p&p is forbidding. 🙂

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  1. Interesting that they both broke in the same place. It does seem to indicate a bad batch. But I’m curious what kind of needle threader you’re using, if any? I have one I’m very happy with now, but the metal ‘blade’ through which you pass the yarn and then pull back through the needle eye is quite a bit thicker than the fine wire on previous threaders, and I’m afraid of causing the same damage to my needles as you’re experiencing.


    • I am using the metal blade one because it is stronger than the wire ones I also tried, they break too fast with embroidery floss. And they’re quite expensive at € 1.45 for two thin and small chips of metal with a bit of wire attached to them. Currently I’ve switched to the #26 needles, hoping they’ll last a little longer.


  2. After trial and error over many years, the John James ones are the only ones that do not seem to break on me, oh and I don’t have a needle threader, just use my fingers (though it occasionally takes two or three attempts lol).
    My favourite are the golden eye ones but they are something that usually goes on my wish list as they are more expensive. My friend has been using the same gold plated eye one from John James for years, but I am a devil for losing needles.


    • My first nameless needle lasted for years until it broke. I also had a golden eye one that came with a kit so I’m not sure what brand it was. It lasted a couple of months. – I’m still trying to find a shop selling John James needles where the p&p is acceptable.


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