The Blind Spot (aka Seams Crooked) – UL 13

For the last three weeks I have been working on a couple of projects. Among others, I finished two more projects from the UFO Lottery. Here’s the first one, renamed The Blind Spot, formerly known as Seams Crooked (for a reason 😉 ).

After a first attempt to sew this together by machine I switched to EPP. I used a cotton fabric with  a soft overprint, cut it up and put it together again alternating the directions of the print and the colour gradation. As the contrast in the center is not as strong I renamed the piece The Blind Spot. Finished size is 56 x 56 cms, the squares are 1.7 cms/0.5 ” tall.

detail shot, showing overprint as well as the machine pieced crooked seams


11 thoughts on “The Blind Spot (aka Seams Crooked) – UL 13

  1. The blind spot reminds me of the Amsler Grid, for testing for macular degeneration. But MUCH more beautiful, of course! It’s a really lovely selection of colours, and now that you’ve adjusted your process, it’s beautifully constructed too…


    • Ich mußte ja nicht Dutzende von Farben aussuchen, einfach den Multicolor-Stoff zuschneiden und wieder zusammenpusseln. Das Schlimmste war das Auftrennen, ich hasse es, Arbeit umsonst zu machen. Hat sich aber gelohnt. 🙂 Liebe Grüße, Jule

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