Status: fine

art quilt, detail

If you have missed me currently I just want to let you know I’m fine. I’m experiencing that strange thing again that I don’t find the words for new entries or comments.

But I have been working on lots of projects in the background. Two of the UFOs from the list are finished, there’s a new crochet alien on the way and I’m making excellent progress cross stitching the Garden Gate and Vintage Glassware projects. And a small art quilt is waiting for its binding.

The embroidery needles I ordered have arrived along with a new cross stitch kit, a small treat for beeing a good girl with my UFO finishing. The kit was a special offer, so I added it to my order, making good use of the postage & packing. 🙂

I’m working on the entries for all this stuff, hopefully being able to scrape together something soon.


3 thoughts on “Status: fine

  1. I’m always happy to see new things from you, and usually, they’re quite beautiful enough not to need lots of explanation. Anomia is quite common in people who are bilingual. It’s strange and annoying for you, but I for one am happy to wait until you recover your flow!


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