William ‘Flippers’ Humboldt

When he found out his parents named him after the elder brother of the great explorer Alexander von Humboldt, Wilhelm, ‘Flippers’ wanted to become an explorer too. Although he didn’t know what the word meant back then he liked it.

Many years later, after travelling the endless oceans on his home planet of Aqua Marine for more than twenty years and meeting all kinds of marine life forms, Flippers decided to learn more about other worlds and went on a journey to far away planets. On Sol 3 he discovered some strange and exotic species of birds called ‘penguins’ that looked similar to his own kind, if only distantly. One of the species was even called Humboldt. And although they were regarded flightless they could still fly – under water.

Flippers with his new friend Joe – not a Humboldt, but at least a penguin

Flippers and Dave the Muse

ECI code: H13 (horn used as beak), H5 (start in black, rnds 1 & 2 in white), A3, F6, head/body in black until rnd 20, rnds 21 to end in white


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  1. *melts* He really is cute and I love his story and the fact that you wrote it. Hope this is a sign things are moving in the right direction. Fingers crossed!

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