Martin ‘The Martian’ McIntyre

Dear readers, please welcome  Martin ‘The Martian’ McIntyre, reporter for The Meteorite News, covering Sol 3 (aka Earth) and neighboring planets.

Some time ago one of his articles appeared at my old blog The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot  which is now part of Beyond The Boudoir. It seems he’s gonna stay with me for a while – I only hope he doesn’t use my WLAN to connect to the intergalacticnet, the bill would surely be astronomical.

Hey, that’s one of mine!

Made from some leftover DK acrylic yarn from my Rainbow blanket, using a 3 mm hook.

The book Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord offers great design options for an endless number of monsters (I’d rather prefer aliens, they’re so friendly). And I’ve got a feeling that some of the parts will make great corals and other reef dwellers as well. 😉

Although I followed the chart  for the arms down to the last comma they turned out a little different than pictured in the book. They’re not flat with the fingers all in a row but triangular. Because of that I decided to omit the thumbs. I got stuck as I had planned to make similar feet (F21, same as A22). When I picked my little alien up again yesterday I decided to go for a different pair of feet (A2) instead.

If you want to crochet your own, Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium (ECI) code is H:10, A:22, F:2. (Note: A22 chart says 4 rounds for the ‘thumb’ instead of 8 as pictured.)



12 thoughts on “Martin ‘The Martian’ McIntyre

  1. I love this post so much. And his article, too. Brilliant! Have you finished the project and made a post about it? I.e. do you have a link – I’d love to see the result.

    • Den mag sogar meine Schwester leiden; ich fürchte, ich muß ihr auch noch ihren Liebling aus dem Buch häkeln. Aber erstmal habe ich einen neuen für mich angefangen. Liebe Grüße, Jule

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