Behind the scenes – July

Next week I haven’t got any appointments (yet …) so I have made a little list of projects I’m going to work on. But you know how funny life can be – wish me luck. 🙂

Currently I’m busy working on a couple of projects like the colour placement for the crochet Hexie blanket. It’s taking up most of the space of The Boudoir’s bedroom floor, so I’m stalking around like a stork over there. I’ve been sewing strips for Fiona’s Fall and joining a couple on Seams Crooked, as well as making some crochet parts for my first amigurumi doll and UL 8, preparing more reef residents, among others. The fabric strips from Kiel Week’s Spiellinie are washed and ironed. Plus some ideas for the UFO Lottery projects appeared. Hoping to have something to show at the beginning of August.



11 thoughts on “Behind the scenes – July

  1. Busy, busy! Whenever I hear of anyone laying things out on the floor or the bed, I suggest a flannel sheet on the wall. I used to hang mine on the front of my bookshelves, and then pin everything to it. I could then take it down and roll it up out of the way if necessary. Now, I’m lucky enough to have a whole wall to hang it on…


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