Plan B (UL 7)

Treating myself to two days of sewing fun, I finished two projects yesterday. This is the second one, Plan B.

I’m not quite sure anymore what the name is referring to. If I remember it correctly, it was something about the colours, maybe wanting to use four different blue fabrics but couldn’t get what I wanted. So I had to switch to plan B and use different colours. Something like that.

The pattern is another one from Tilings and patterns (Grünbaum/Shephard) and took me a while to figure it out. Basically, it’s overlapping hexagons.

Finished size is 53 x 46 cms, the piece is unquilted like almost all of my projects. A plain dark blue batik backing, hemming done with a variegated polyester buttonhole thread.

That’s 20 % of the UFO Lottery completed – seven finishes out of thirty-five. 🎉 I’ve already drawn the next ticket – a crochet project using a 1.75 mm hook so this will take me a while.


10 thoughts on “Plan B (UL 7)

  1. Very pretty. As someone who doesn’t sew, can I ask why you leave your quilts unquilted? and does this mean you do not fill them with wadding or does it mean you do not do the fancy machine stitching over the top when the wadding has been added. The questions may be daft as I only gather these things are done from reading other blogs of people who make these fascinating designs from little bits of fabric.


    • Not daft at all 🙂 Almost all of my projects are un-quilts. One reason is that I don’t like to quilt. Most of them are just a patchwork top with a backing fabric and binding. Sometimes I use a layer of very thin batting/wadding which usually gets caught in the binding to hold it in place when working with light or batik fabrics – my projects are not meant to be washed. I remember to have done two hand-quilted pieces and one by machine so far, an art quilt:
      As I’m planning to do small art quilts in the future I will have to learn how to machine quilt properly. 🙂
      Another reason for not quilting is that I have used only the English paper piecing method until recently. The pieces are basted around a paper or thin cardboard template and whipstitched together so the seams are not pressed to one side but both sides. This gives me a surface that is already kind of textured. Also, I often use very small pieces with sides as short as 5/8″ so there’s not much space to quilt theem. And most of my stuff wasn’t meant to be given away so quilting wasn’t necessarily needed.


  2. The usual beautiful colours, meticulous stitching and interesting design! I have yet to see a project of yours that I disliked… I think your lottery method of choosing the next project to finish is an excellent one, as it means you have to finish up whatever is selected, rather than concentrating on the easy ones, or the ones you prefer….


  3. Das ist ja der Wahnsinn, wieviel Du so schaffst, Jule. Ganz toll. Eine Heidenarbeit.
    Mußt Du jetzt aus der Wohnung raus? Hoffe, nicht. Alles Gute, liebe Grüße Mitza


    • Nein, die kaufen mich ja als lebendes Inventar mit. Solange ich die Miete bezahle, können die mich nicht kündigen. Und gegen Eigenbedarf werde ich mich wehren. – Die Rückseite zuschneiden, anpinnen und festnähen hat mich ungefähr zwei Stunden gekostet, und die länglichen Randstücke herstellen und annähen neulich ungefähr auch soviel. Lag also im Rahmen, war noch aus dem “Altbestand”. Habe gestern und heute mal Inventur gemacht, was überhaupt noch so alles auf Erledigung wartet. Eine zweite Runde der Ufo-Lotterie ist auf jeden Fall nötig, vielleicht sogar eine dritte. 😉 Liebe Grüße, Jule

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