Artifacts (UL 5)

Last week was a little hectic as real life took over. My landlord is going to sell the flat I live in so I have to show around possible buyers. Which involved a little cleaning and tidying. 😉 I was hoping to get the next two pieces finished on the weekend but this plan was torpedoed by my brother who changed the date for a triple birthday party due to the weather forecast. 🙂

Finally, here’s Artifacts

A set of fabric samples, not my usual choice. I think I bought it for the ‘Artifacts’ fabric strips (designed by John Flynn for Benartex). The top was made to gain some machine piecing practice and has been lying around for four years. Time to do something about that, so it go entered into the UFO Lottery.

Finished size is 76 x 76 cms, binding and backing are made from a peach cotton/polyester fabric.

I’m blogging from the kitchen today as my living room table is blocked by my sewing machine. Scrappy has been cut up and is on its way to become something more pleasing to the eye. More to come in a couple of days. Some work on Plan B might also happen.

6 thoughts on “Artifacts (UL 5)

  1. It gives an interesting metallic impression; it’s like some sort of archaeological piece of ceremonial jewellery or grave goods. I can imagine some ancient king wearing it on his chest. Beautiful, anyway!


    • Keine Ahnung – Wandbehang, Tischtuch, etwas Dekoratives? Ich nenne meine Werke einfach nur “Sachen”. Die meisten haben keinen bestimmten Zweck, der Weg ist das Ziel. 😉 – Hoffentlich findet sich für die nächste derartige Veranstaltung eine einsame Insel oder ähnliches, so geht’s jedenfalls nicht noch einmal. Hätte man allerdings ahnen können. Bei euch zuhause ist alles heil geblieben, hoffe ich. Liebe Grüße, Jule

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  2. I love you are getting things cleared by using your ufo lottery – the next project for me (once Gracious Era is done) will be coming from my UFO Lottery – an idea I’ve stolen from you lol.


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