I’m in the mood for monsters

Cuddly monsters of the crochet kind, that is. 🙂

A while ago I bought two German Amigurumi magazines because I wanted to try it myself but never got into deciphering the charts. Recently Claire introduced her new crochet skills on her blog which finally made me want to give Amigurumi a try. Also, someone mentioned a mix-and-match monster book in the comments.

Yay, monsters!

I found the book* online and since the postie delivered it a couple of days ago I’ve been designing monsters. After working my way through the technical side I’ve started my first one. Without severe accidents so far.


* Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord, ISBN 978-1-910904-58-9



11 thoughts on “I’m in the mood for monsters

  1. I’ll be interested to see what monsters you make. Lynn (who is the one who also has the book) probably won’t be making monsters soon and I’m still busy crocheting models from the first Zoomigurumi book.

      • yes I think because they all have the same proportions with quite a small head, compared to the body and limbs. But you could always make larger head, or smaller bodies and shorter limbs ^^ Maybe by using bright colours, and adding stripes they would look more monster-like?

  2. Du bist ja wirklich sehr kreativ tätig, Jule. Noch verstehe ich das Monster nicht so ganz, aber vielleicht kommt das noch. Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg, Mitza

    • Das ist erstmal nur der Kopf (größtenteils), da kommen noch der Körper, Arme und Beine. Das ist vielleicht ein Gefrickel, habe den halben Nachmittag für einen Arm gebraucht. Aber es geht wohl schneller, wenn ich erstmal den Bogen raus habe, ist ja alles ganz neu für mich. Liebe Grüße, Jule

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